Dave: “Honey, Get the Nurse Outfit Out!”

“Brand[i], you’re a fine girl.” And, apparently, “what a good wife” she is to hubby Dave Briggs, co-anchor of Fox & Friends Weekend. Seemingly, away at sea for far too long, Dave was pining for his own Brandi, not the bar maid (celebrated by the group Looking Glass). When his co-host Alisyn Camerota announced that “couples [were] being invited to New York’s Times Square…[to ‘pucker up’]…today to recreate [the] iconic World War II photo of a kiss between a nurse and a U.S. sailor,” an off-camera Dave appeared more than ready as he seemed to be making kissing sounds in the background.

When Aly concluded her story, Dave saltily asked, “Do you have to dress as a nurse and a sailor? I know my wife’s on the way down but I don’t know if she has her nurse outfit handy.” Smiling, Aly racily remarked, “It may make the kiss somehow naughtier.” His interest apparently piqued, Clayton stuttered, “Get her, get her to get the nurse outfit out?” Turning to the camera, Dave randily commanded, “Honey, get the nurse outfit out!”

Then, goatishly grinning before looking down, he chuckled, “I’m not saying there is a nurse outfit but…. Putting her hand toward Dave’s forehead, Aly saucily suggested, “Dave has a temperature: it’s time for the nurse outfit.” Carnally arching his eyebrows, Clayton concluded, “Dave’s blushing. We know where that nurse outfit’s hidden.”

Brandi, with Dave’s wedding ring off of his finger today, you may want to hurry.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/14/10 (@9:10 a.m. ET)

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