Brian: Let’s Check Her Shirt!

New and improved? Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade seems to have noticed his guest co-host Juliet Huddy’s seemingly enhanced assets yesterday. As he read a headline news story entitled “Tracking Your Undies” (about Walmart’s plans to “put individual tracking chips in the jeans and underwear it sells”), Brian bawdily jested, “Yes, where was Juliet last night? Let’s find out. Let’s check her shirt!”*

Laughing heartily in the background, Juliet racily riposted, “You wish!” Finishing his report and tossing to Juliet, a beaming Brian remarked, “The data will be able to tell you where you and where you shouldn’t go. Juliet.” Co-anchor Steve Doocy teasing admonished, “I wouldn’t have gone there, Brian.” Chuckling, Juliet concurred, “Yeah. Were did that come from? Has he been drinking this morning?” Then, aping Brian facetiously, Steve added, “Yeah. Check her shirt!”

Apparently, her F&F co-anchors already have! Not to mention her audience.

Fox & Friends – 07/23/10 (@6:23 a.m. ET)

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3 Responses to “Brian: Let’s Check Her Shirt!”

  1. U-2 Says:

    Juliet has had a ton of ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends “check her skirt” without the benefit of electronic devices.

    I don’t think it matters very much to Juliet if Brian and Steve ‘check her out.’

  2. M. Davey Says:

    I thought Brian acted a little “schoolboyish”. I believe that he was having fun with Juliet and she with him. I guess Fox didn’t have any “talking points” for this situation as others suggest they have for everything they do.

    Juliet looked very nice, but a little like she was going out, not working the a.m.

  3. Leggs Diamond Says:

    I would prefer to check out Mistress Gretchen’s skirt, she was back from vaycay today and she looked gorgeous in her skimpy red wine dress.

    She was rockin’ the cleavage and of course her trademark…the hottest gams on TV..

    Welcome back Gretch, we missed ya’.

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