F&F’s “Serious Table”

Kilmeade: “[N]ot my call…kinda liked it.” Author: “Not my call…kinda hated it.” Yesterday Fox & Friends producers trotted out a new “serious table” a la American Morning. In this segment, co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Alisyn Camerota interviewed K.T. McFarland, Fox News National Security Analyst about a Washington Post article concerning America’s bloated, cumbersome, and costly spy activities.

As the discussion began, co-anchor Alisyn ominously asserted, “Well, it’s a bombshell report this morning, it’s called, ‘Top Secret America.’ And the Washington Post says [that] it’s hidden from public view and largely lacking in oversight. In a stunning expose, the paper says top secret intelligence gathering by the government has grown so large, so unwieldy, and so expensive that no one really knows what this costs or how many people are involved.” Weighing in, Brian queried, “But, does this report put us at risk? Joining us right now…K.T. McFarland….[I]s it…an important story?” If the “serious table” and the grave tone of the co-anchors left any doubt, McFarland laid it to rest, “Yes, and, it’s an extremely important story!”

Fearing that Fox & Friends may have been inexplicably reading from rival American Morning‘s playbook, the author Tweeted Brian, asking, “Brian, what’s up w/ the “serious table”? Did Chris Wallace have an extra? Relax, we take KT just as seriously on the curvy couch.” However, Brian replied, “[N]ot my call…kinda liked it.” Kinda hating it, the author replied, “Re ‘serious table,’ Fox & Friends does not need to borrow from stodgy American Morning’s props. Rather, AM should learn from F&F.”

Unfortunately, today the “serious table” was back on the F&F set for Brian’s interview of KT in Part 2 of “Top Secret America.” And, it will probably remain for Part 3. Perhaps, the offensive furniture will be sent back home to the American Morning studio thereafter. One can only hope.

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