Fox & Friends’ “F-Bomb”

“F**king” on air? And, on video, to boot. Not quite the family-friendly fare that one might expect from Fox News’ Fox & Friends. However, FNC correspondent Rick Levanthal brought just that to kids and their parents watching during a segment entitled “Robin Hood 702.”

Ironically, in his report, Rick introduced a modern day anonymous Robin Hood who came to the rescue of a cancer-stricken local man and his family with his gambling prowess as a Vegas high roller who “admits he’s not perfect” and who is a “sinner and a saint.”* As the footage began to conclude, “Robin Hood” presented his winnings to the needy man and his family, declaring, “That’s going to cover your rent for a year. Okay? And, you know what, if you need another year, I’m gonna f**king co(ver), I’m gonna cover another year.” Quickly, Rick interjected, “Uh, apologize for the language there.”

When Rick’s segment ended, F&F co-host Alisyn Camerota smiling stated, “You said, ‘He’s a sinner and a saint’ and he illustrated that.” Rick laughed, “Yes. And, he proved it: Didn’t he? Waggishly alluding to a recent court ruling declaring FCC indecency policies unconstitutional, Brian Kilmeade commented, “Bono feels a little bit better this morning.” In a bit of an understatement, Rick remarked, “I think the editor took a few minutes off this morning.” Co-host Steve Doocy concurred, “Indeed.”

Then, concluding with an aside to the Fox & Friends audience, Steve somberly said, “And, we do apologize for that language.”

Update: When Rick’s report aired more than four hours later on Happening Now, the editor was back on duty, apparently. The offensive “f-word” was bleeped and Robin Hood’s visage was obscured digitally for good measure.** However, to offset his/her censorious actions, additional VIP gambling vid (of bikini-clad go-go girls) was added to the footage.

*Fox & Friends – 07/19/10 (@8:46 a.m. ET)

**Happening Now – 07/19/10 (@12:55 p.m. ET)

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2 Responses to “Fox & Friends’ “F-Bomb””

  1. F&F Exposes Robin Hood 702 « Carpe Diem Says:

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  2. mediaho Says:

    Wonder how Gretchen would have reacted to the profanity, had she been on the “curvy couch” this AM?

    She has been outspoken about her devotion to religion & “family” values.

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