America Live CatFIGHT: Megyn vs. Kirsten

FNC’s feral felines: The seven best minutes on cable news in recent memory!* Both America Live host Megyn Kelly and guest New York Post columnist Kirsten Powers had their nostrils flared and their teeth bared as they slashed each other mercilessly with their sharp claws. The a propos topic: New Black Panther Party voter intimidation.

If the reader did not have the pleasure or pain of seeing the polemic blood flowing with abandon today, J$P provides a video here. From one corner, Megyn ferociously cut Kirsten for not knowing what she was talking about, threatened to mute Kirsten’s mike for talking over her, accused her of lying (re watching whistle blower interview), and slapped her with a final suggestion that “it’s going to be more helpful to the viewers if the next time you come back on you have your facts.” From the other corner, a slightly more docile Kirsten responded that she did indeed know what she talking about, challenged Megyn to cut her mike, charged her with hysteria, and accused her of playing the race card (“the scary black man thing”).

Rowrrr! America Live became America Alive today.

*America Live – 07/13/10 (@1:37 p.m. ET)

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4 Responses to “America Live CatFIGHT: Megyn vs. Kirsten”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    Go, Megyn! Kirsten tries to be the face of the “sane” Democrat and somehow failed yesterday. She is always SURE that she is right.

    Megyn just does not let anyone, Republican or Democrat to continue to discuss the matter at hand, if they’re only spouting the party lines. She invites an honest debate and is as tough on the Republicans as she is the Democrats.

    It’s always amazed me that the Democrats accuse the Republicans of having talking points, and then every pundit and newsman on the mainstream media have the exact same words to say about every hot topic that comes up.

  2. ReaganTMan Says:

    Wow, I always knew Kirsten was a lib, but I’ve never seen anyone really go after her that way. It’s probably because it’s hard for guys like Hannity or the guys on Fox News Watch to go after a woman because they are gentlemen. Megyn, being of the same sex, was in a better position to do it.

    Now, speaking of gentlemen, or lack thereof, Bill O’Reilly is another story. When Sarah Palin first started working for Fox, Glenn Beck said he didn’t think she could be president until she could eviscerate O’Reilly. After Monday’s exchange and the rumblings that were going around after it in the Palin camp, I’m hoping that Sarah gets her presidential credentials soon – hopefully during her next segment with the Bold & Fresh blowhard.

  3. motownman Says:

    The whole thing made me VERY uncomfortable.
    Megyn proved she is neither fair nor balanced and hardly played the role of straight news anchor.
    I think what got her going was when Kirsten said: “Count me in with those who don;t see what the big deal is.”
    Well, to Megyn, who had the two-part interview with the alleged whistleblower, that was like saying she had wasted her time on the whole thing.
    It was very unprofessional, but Fox got what it wanted, a lot of discussion about the segment.
    I doubt Kirsten appears on Megyn’s show again.

  4. Catfights to Pillow Fights « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] three months ago, AN‘s anchor Megyn and progressive New York Post columnist Kirsten had a vicious scratching session during an alleged Black Panther voter intimidation segment. However, last night, for the first time […]

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