Huddy Says “Goodbye”

But, Banderas to say, “Hello.” As Juliet Huddy concluded the Fox Report last night, she announced, “Julie Banderas is returning from maternity leave next week.” On a personal note, she added, “But, I would like to say, ‘Thank you so much.’ It was a wonderful, wonderful pleasure spending all of my Sundays with you.” Perhaps, to help insure that it was a similar treat for her fans, she wore a hot, red mini giving them a generous view of her gorgeous gams.

Juliet will be missed as Julie’s replacement on the weekends. Not only is she an obvious beauty but she also provides that sassy, sexy, irreverent take on the news that made FNC what it is today. However, unfortunately, as of late, FNC seems to be “growing up,” toning things down, and moving toward that “more mature” mien of a staid, stodgy CNN. After saying adieu to the dynamo Domenica Davis, Bill, do not let FNC’s jaunty Juliet go. Or, go to waste!

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One Response to “Huddy Says “Goodbye””

  1. billy midwood Says:

    I used to see Juliet Huddy on the O’reilly factor in a segment Did you see that? I want to know what happened to her?

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