Gretchen: Ditzy or Divorcing?

“My kids are still trying to grapple with what divorce means.” Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson made this strange remark this morning during a school sex ed debate segment. After one polemic posited that fifth graders should be taught about oral sex, Gretchen, the mother of a seven year daughter and a five year old son objected: she asserted, “Even for fifth graders…what about the confusion of the child’s mind being told this kind of information? I know my kids are still trying to grapple with what divorce means.”*

If searches for “gretchen carlson divorce” and “gretchen carlson affair” by Carpe Diem readers are any indication, Gretchen’s question spiked curiosity about the state and stability of her connubial union. From the author’s perspective, it appeared to be a point that was simply not germane to the discussion since divorce and sex are two different matters although the latter (especially, extramarital) can precipitate the former: to boot, Gretchen seems wont to utter such extraneous comments. However, since the “Culture Warrior” would not expressly condemn adultery on a recent O’Reilly Factor show and appeared to have a rather charitable perspective on those who cuckold their spouses, one could see how viewers might have a different view than the author.

Gretchen: Ditzy or divorcing? You decide. And, Gretchen, if you wish, feel free to weigh in.

*Fox & Friends – 07/12/10 (@7:48 a.m. ET)


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One Response to “Gretchen: Ditzy or Divorcing?”

  1. Jim S. Says:

    she will not condemn infidelity…probably because she was involved in a very nasty scandal here in Richmond Va with a married man/co-worker!!

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