Domenica: “Spanked” & Spurned?

Davis leaves FNC home: Appears back on NBC’s stoop.* Meteorologist Domenica Davis has left Fox News and was seen this Friday on NBC’s Early Today according to TVNewser. The blog further reported Domenica was “filling in” but not a NBC News or MSNBC staffer. (N.B. As of today, Domenica’s bio remains on FNC’s website.) Citing TVEyes, it added that Domenica was last spotted on Fox News on May 17.

Readers of Carpe Diem should not have been overly surprised by the news of Domenica’s departure. Merely a month before she disappeared from Fox News’ airways, Domenica appeared to have been disciplined by FNC Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine for a sexually suggestive Sapphic “spanking” jest that she made on Fox & Friends Weekend. In that instance, on April 17 (Saturday), while substituting for Rick Reichmuth, Domenica made the salacious joke about herself and co-anchor Alisyn Camerota and later laughed about fearing getting in trouble for further bawdy banter. However, the very next day (Sunday), her fears seemed to have been realized forthwith: she did not return to F&FW to temp for Rick and her absence was not even acknowledged by F&FW’s co-hosts. (In fact, her apparent punishment appeared all the more patent when F&FW had no meteorologist in for Rick and simply had no regular weather segments that day.)

Hopefully, Domenica’s departure is not a portent of things to come. Fox News’ dynamic, colorful, and sexy personalities need not be muzzled. Rather, they can be trusted with a freer rein to relate to their colleagues, Bill. And, to their audience.

Good luck, Domenica. You’ll be missed!

*Before being hired by FNC, Domenica worked at NBC affiliates in Baltimore (WBAL-TV) and in Louisville, KY (WAVE-TV).

Update: As of July 14, Domenica Davis was hired as a meteorologist by NBC to work at its affiliate WNBC, “4 New York,” according to TVNewser. If the reader would like to see Domenica in action at her new home, s/he may link here.

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7 Responses to “Domenica: “Spanked” & Spurned?”

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  3. ed Says:

    Domenica davis is such a hot meteorologist. I love her. @ nbc. I think she has sexy legs and I bet she has beautiful feet. I wanna see more pics of feet in pantyhose. All lady journalist should be forced to wear pantyhose everyday or at least a few times a week. I would love to smell her stocking feet after she worked all day. Shed tie me up and make me smell her sweaty pantyhosed feet then suck her toes.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I would smell domenica’s feet all day

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I would be her slave and lick her feet like a dog!!!

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  7. Anonymous Says:

    She has the most beautiful feet and I would love to smell her feet and smell her feet in pantyhose and wash her feet when they are dirty and smell them when they are sweaty.

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