Biz Babe’s Babe

Another American Morning money honey gone? At least, for now. During Christine Romans’ final AM business segment this morning, the audience was alerted to Christine’s maternity leave through an odd cat-and-mouse game between her and guest co-hosts Jim Acosta and Kate Bolduan.

When Christine had concluded her report, Acosta asked her if she had a Romans’ Numeral. As she began to look for it in her papers, Bolduan quickly commented, “No. Actually, you don’t have a Romans’ Numeral. We have a Romans’ Numeral today….How about number fourteen, Christine?

Putting her hand to her chin as if in deep thought, Christine replied, “Number fourteen, number fourteen? I don’t know.”

Aping Christine’s hand gesture, Bolduan replied, “That would be July 14, Christine’s due date.”

Laughing animatedly, Christine responded, “You guys nailed me!”

Bolduan continued, “We wanted to say good luck. And, for everyone, we’ll miss you. Because it is likely Christine’s last day with us for a little while….Come back to us in a couple of months. Good luck!”

Indeed, Christine, good luck! And, hurry back!

[Author’s aside: Christine’s third child is due next Wednesday (July 14). For those following Christine’s pregnancy, TVNewser had reported that her due was the 17th, and Christine later had seemed to indicate it was the 21st. Perhaps, she has decided to have her baby delivered early before s/he gets too much bigger. (According to Christine today on AM, her first child weighed a hefty eleven pounds.)]

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    […] Christine Romans gave birth early to her third child last night according to TVNewser. (Her due date had been July 14 as of last Friday.) TVNewser further reported that Christine’s new son, Edward Arthur, weighed in at 9 lbs. 10 […]

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