Friel: Bob Hope Alive

Courtney: completely clueless? If not, FNC entertainment correspondent Courtney Friel certainly did not help her case this morning. As any Fox & Friends fan knows, the former Maxim model does not always appear to be the brightest bulb on the FNC set. In fact, today, she seemed only slightly plugged in.

During an F&F segment entitled “Celebrity Charities,” Courtney seemed ill-prepared from the onset.* When co-host Alisyn Camerota questioned her about the difference between a charity and a foundation, Courtney consulted her written notes with almost every phrase. Albeit, she did appear to recuperate a bit when Aly asked about which celebrity had “the worst” charity, i.e., which one had the “fewest dollars go to the actual cause.” (Courtney replied that “the highest operating expenses were at Rosie O’Donnell’s “For All Kids Foundation,” citing Nevertheless, when Aly asked whether some of a donor’s money went to overhead rather than “the cause,” Courtney unfortunately flickered.

In her response to Aly, Courtney declared, “It seems like that. And, especially with sports fundraising, that’s like the worst thing to contribute to because Bob Hope, he has a golf tournament every year in Palm Springs, and last year they raised $1.6 million for charity but it cost five times that to run the event.”

Strangely, Aly did not appear to take notice of Courtney’s gaffe or, perchance, she hoped that the audience would ignore it, too. Rather, Aly replied, “Oh, my gosh!”

Indeed. On the eve of the Fourth of July weekend, the entertainment reporter of the armed forces “favorite” news channel does not seem to know that the most illustrious entertainer of America’s troops died almost seven year ago. Crazy!

*Fox & Friends – 07/02/10 (@7:33 a.m. ET)

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10 Responses to “Friel: Bob Hope Alive”

  1. Blackflon Says:

    Pretty picky with your summation here. Yes, Hope is dead but there is a tournament still in his name. Small gaffe, if you ask me. Not worth the time to report it.

  2. hgb3 Says:

    Have no fear; Ms. Friel is much smarter than you think she is. She knows full well that Bob Hope shuffled off this mortal coil back in 2003, but she was referring to the everpresent “Hope Spirit” which is truly present at every PGA Senior Pro-Am, every celebrity roast, and every time someone says the name, “Brook Shields” in a excitedly high voice.

    “I’d sort of like to win the Nobel Prize one of these days. To me, it’s sort of like the Academy Award for brains!”- Leslie Townes “Bob” Hope

  3. hgb3 Says:

    Once again, my spellchecker needs to be recharged: that should be “Brooke Shields” (with the ‘e’).

  4. Scott Says:

    You have to remember this is the woman that dated Joe Francis – you know the ‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder – and is facing trial for child porn. So yes she is a DITZ as is Ashley Earhardt and neither of them belong on FOXNEWS. Maybe Comcast will hire them to fill Olby’s spot to bring up the IQ level of MSEARS.

  5. Grammie Says:

    Check this out:

    Exactly who is ill informed? Sorry, I have to say it is Jakeho, not Friel!

  6. The Hazards of Live TV: #25,063 « Inside Cable News Says:

    […] Friel is such an easy target (not a lie) but this one is just too good to ignore. Carp Diem writes about a segment Friel had a segment on Fox and Friends that didn’t come out looking too good for […]

  7. Carl Says:

    I guess Grammie is Courtney Friels grandma. She posts a link that Jakeho had already posted:

    Bob Hope, he has a golf tournament every year in Palm Springs (click that above in his post) and guess where it takes you Grandma Friel?

  8. BTSF Says:

    Not fair….Hope’s name STILL brings in charity dollars every year – she never said Bob Hope was still alive…..

    This “gotcha” game just keeps making everyone who plays it look sillier and sillier…and that goes for those who apparently make their living off “exposing” gaffes, be they real or imagined….

    I mean, look what it’s done for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid!

  9. M. Davey Says:

    Why, oh why, do they keep on trying Courtney at hosting, even in a trio.
    Where in the world did she get that sing-song style of delivery?

    It seems that she just researches it and then doesn’t prepare for the questions that someone might ask.

    Today, she is just horrible. She is making the war in Afghanistan seem like it’s an event we all want to participate in. It’s her style of delivery.
    Everything seems like it’s going to be a wonderful thing to report. War? Death? It’s not so great.

  10. Bill Says:

    Give Courtney a break. I look forward to listening to, and watching her, on FOX (definite eye candy). I didn’t get the Bob Hope gaffe right away either. It is still the Bob Hope Classic. She just used present tense instead of past. By the way Scott, it is Ainsley Earhardt, not Ashley, and I like listening to her too. Both are up and comers!

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