Major Garrett RTs POTUS “Profanity”

“That retweet was a mistake.” Fox News Senior White Correspondent Major Garrett unintentionally handed one of his vituperative followers a political vuvuzela yesterday. In an oxymoronic caution to his followers, he Tweeted, “RT @c9758langwaters: why even listen to this a**h***. he should be impeached and then tried for treason//Warning. No profanity of that kind.” [Asterisks added by Carpe Diem author.]

Shortly thereafter in a second Tweet, Garrett declared, “To all followers….if you use profanity against POTUS or other followers or are abusive to me or anyone, you will be blocked. No appeal.” Then, in a third Tweet, he apologized, “Did not mean to retweet that earlier tweet to me…it was errant. Hence the across-the-board warning to everyone.” Subsequently, in yet another Tweet, he insisted, “Everyone. That retweet was a mistake. I hit send before I edited it as I did. This is a sane, civil place. As long-time followers know.”

However, the “profane” follower, was not fully convinced of Garrett’s sincerity. He sceptically answered, “i dont think that was a mistake by you retweeting that. otherwise you would just delete it? getting cozy with obama?” [sic]

Later, Garrett responded, “RT @c9758langwaters i dont think that was a mistake by you retweeting that. otherwise you would just delete it?/ I DID delete it.”

Even though Garrett has indeed deleted the “profanity”-laden Tweet from his site, it still appeared on this follower’s home page as of approximately 9:20 a.m. ET.

Perhaps, Garrett would have been better served had he not RT’d @c9758langwaters’ original Tweet. On the other hand, his message got through loud and clear to his followers to not use “profanity” or they shall be blocked!

Note to Major Garrett: the offensive Tweet included obscenity not profanity unless you believe that POTUS is divine.

[Author’s aside: Earlier this year, Garrett had another Twitter misstep when he sent followers a link to an erotic services website (vis-a-vis a State of the Union transcript one).]

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