Gretch: Sorry, I Actually Was Valedictorian!

Trust me. Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson is a blond former Miss America but she is not “dumbing [herself] down” as Jon Stewart suspects. In fact, as she seems to insist, the classical violinist and Stanford alum is smart–really.

After a F&F viewer mail segment today on a school that had thirty valedictorians, Gretchen proudly proclaimed, “Well, speaking personally, I, I was valedictorian, and I have to tell you that there were others at my school who also were. I graduated with over nine hundred kids: we all earned it. I forget if there were five or six of us but it is a huge honor.” Shaking her head earnestly, she concluded, “So, I think that they should not, you know, make it not as big of a deal because it’s something that you work really, really, really hard to attain.”

Seeming to sense that Gretch was waxing too melodramatic, co-host Brian Kilmeade waggishly remarked, “I would have been if there were 220 people less in my class.” Laughing uproariously, co-anchor Steve Doocy joked, “So you had 221 kids in your class? Smiling, Brian deadpanned, “Sometimes, luck doesn’t break your way.”

Still quite serious, Gretchen interjected, “Trust me. You have no idea how many times I have liked to pull that one out of my back pocket.” Amused, Brian asked, “Why?” Gretchen somberly responded, “Because having blond hair and being a woman, it’s easy to be under attack. And, it’s very nice to be able to say, ‘Sorry, I actually was valedictorian.”

No matter what they might say.

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7 Responses to “Gretch: Sorry, I Actually Was Valedictorian!”

  1. Dana Says:

    “Because having blond hair and being a woman, it’s easy to be under attack.”

    Well, Gretchen, you can always go back to your natural hair color.

    Gretchen loves to talk about her academic achievements but alot of the time that doesn’t mean jack. Just like Obama, one can be book smart and still be an idiot.

  2. Al Says:

    -natural hair colour-

    She’s a Swede. That’s likely is her natural hair colour.

  3. jerziegrl Says:

    I saw that whole exchage. I thought it was a bit pretentious. I was totally turned off by her “because having blond hair and being a woman, it’s easy to be under attack”.

    Dana is right, Gretch loves to tout her academic career. While you can be proud of it, after a while it comes off as bragging.

    -natural hair colour-

    She may be blonde, but that is NOT her natural hair colour. But then again…..neither is mine. ;)

  4. hgb3 Says:

    Aw, give Ms. Carlson a break; she really is very smart. When she won Miss America, her talent portion (in the semifinals) consisted of reciting the names of the US States in 1 minute. She faltered on Vermont, South Dakota and Maine, but she got most of them correct. Nobody’s perfect.

  5. Miss America Says:

    Many of the Gretch bashers are merely Kiran Chetry fans, who are still bitter and resentful that Gretch was chosen over Kiran to replace ED Hill as the host of F&F.

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