Roberts: I’ve Got a Crush on Oh!Anna

“John Roberts…loves sultry redheads.” Apparently, American Morning co-anchor John Robert’s fiancee was watching her boy salivate over Ann Chapman, the sexy supposed spook (one of the alleged Russian eleven operatives scooped up by the FBI recently). When Roberts appeared on her show, CNN Newsroom, the chestnut-coiffed cutie gave him a good ribbing.

When John first introduced the “Real Life ‘Bond Girl’: inside alleged Russian spy ring” report, he said, “Our Deb Feyerick…[is] here now with a closer look at some of the accused.” Seemingly ensnared by Anna’s allure (and, perhaps, her sensual photos), a grinning John stuttered, “And, certainly a lot of people are focusing on the, the, the redhead.” Smiling back at him, Deb replied, “It’s giving it legs, definitely.” Beaming broadly, John responded, “Oh! Very nice.” As Deb concluded her segment, John unconvincingly commented, “I’m, I’m amazed at the fascination with this young woman. Chapman is her name?”

Later, when Deb’s segment had run again in the third hour, John elaborated, “I love this fascination with Anna Chapman. She’s like the Elektra King [Bond babe] of this whole thing. You know, the woman in the ‘World Is Not Enough.'”

Despite John’s apparent attempts to transfer his “fascination” with the modern day Mata Hari to others on AM, Kyra was not so easily fooled. According to TVNewser,  when John appeared on her program, CNN Newsroom, to discuss the suspected Russian operative, Kyra kidded, “The bombshell fits right in among the fictional Bond girls: seductive sultry and allegedly searching for intel among US power-players. John Roberts, who loves sultry redheads, live in New York with our AM Extra.” In response, he reportedly replied, “Where do I go from there?” After his report, he protested, “Just — just for the record, there’s only one sultry redhead that fascinates me.” Aptly, Kyra answered, “Thank goodness and luckily, you are engaged to her.”

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