F&F’s Birthday Beauties

Happy birthday, Bristol Bay Babe and Short Stuff Sparkles! Not only was today the beginning of summer but it marked the earthly advent of both of Fox & Friends’ femme fatales, i.e., Gretchen Carlson (weekday version) and Alisyn Camerota (weekend edition). Yesterday, F&F Weekend co-anchors Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris celebrated Aly’s birthday at the very end of the show and presented the spicy Italian with two New York pizzas (one with her photographic likeness atop it and the other with the “Fox & Friends” logo on it). However, today, F&F co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade gave their Swedish beauty queen the royal treatment during the show from start to finish.

As to Gretchen this morning, she reveled in the birthday wishes from friend and family this morning and happily shared her personal anecdotes with the F&F audience. When the show began with her childhood chum Molly’s wishing her a happy birthday and teasing her about missing homemade chocolate chip cookies, Gretchen explained that it was an “inside joke.” (Gretchen elaborated that she as a “chubby kid” would eat all of the cookies when her mom left and blame “stick-thin” Molly.) Later, when producers played audio of Gretchen’s mom, saying, “Happy Birthday, Sparkles!, Gretchen explicated that it was a nickname that her maternal grandfather had given her: subsequently, she indicated that she was glad that her mom did not use her own sobriquet, “Short Stuff,” for Gretchen. Happily, a certain reporter during her Miss America reign did not call in as well: otherwise, she may have had to reveal his mean moniker, “Blimpo.”

Aly and Gretchen, once again, happy birthday!

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