Clayton: Contagious?

Dave: “Find better friends!” During a Fox & Friends Weekend segment entitled “Divorce Is Contagious,” co-anchor Dave Briggs gave his apparently divorced friend and colleague Clayton Morris some rough ribbing:  However, co-host Alisyn Camerota was there to give Clayton some support and solace. Interestingly, a ringless Clayton introduced the story, saying, “There’s a new study out about divorce and apparently it can be contagious….So this idea [is] that if you know somebody that’s had one [and] you’re friends with one, oh, you better watch out.”*

Aly replied, “By a huge amount….[I]f your friend gets divorced, you’re 147 [sic] times more likely to get divorced. I don’t know if it’s because when you see divorce up close and personal, it makes you examine your own marriage or it looks good.” Dave responded, “I don’t think it glamorizes it.” Aly maintained, “Maybe, it looks good!” Chuckling appreciatively, Clayton interposed, “Here we go. That’s why I love Camerota!’

As the trio of hosts continued to discuss the study, Dave opined, “See, I think you examine your relationship. If it’s not a perfect marriage, then you say, ‘Well, maybe, we’d be better off apart as well. I mean, if you’re a healthy marriage and your friend gets divorced, you not thinking, maybe, we should get a divorce.” Interjecting, Aly jested, “You’re not?” Without answering, Dave continued, “But, if you’re on the fence, then, hey, maybe, it gives you a little kick in the butt.” Laconically, Clayton concluded, “But think of it as an option.” Concurring, Aly added, “Right.”

Subsequently, previewing a similar upcoming segment, Aly declared, “But, there is some good news. And, Dr. Keith Ablow is going to be here to tell us how to have a…protective measure. If your friends and siblings are getting divorced, then, you are susceptible. Interrupting Aly and then speaking over her, Dave exclaimed, “Find better friends!”

Giving Dave the eye (as if he made a major gaffe), Aly sternly continued, “So we’re going to talk to Dr. Ablow about that. Or to do about it.” Trying to take his foot out of his mouth as Clayton looked icily on, Dave backtracked, “Better friends’ marriages or something. I’ll ponder while you [Aly] do the headlines.” Aly answered, “Please do.” Clayton simply smiled to himself.

* Fox & Friends – 06/13/10 (@7:33 a.m. ET)

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One Response to “Clayton: Contagious?”

  1. Phineas Taylor Barnum Says:

    There’s a new study out which suggests that any proposed idea or suggestion, no matter how presposterous, outrageous, or seemingly irrational, will be believed by a majority of the American people as long as the proposed idea or suggestion in question is preceded by the magic words: “A NEW STUDY SHOWS THAT…..”

    Go ahead and try it for yourself. It always worked with me!

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