Romans: World Cup “Golf”

World Cup: un-American (Morning). Or, at least, un-Christine. In the first hour of the show, American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry declared that the World Cup was the “biggest sporting event in the world…although it might not seem like it here in the U.S.” Subsequently, CNN correspondent and now three-time World Cup attendee Pedro Pinto asserted that he had “never seen anything like” the festivities attendant to Africa’s first World Cup held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Nevertheless, like many Americans, AM‘s biz babe Christine Romans did not seem impressed.

Later, Christine discussed the adverse effect of the “world’s most popular sport” on productivity in the United States. After stressing that soccer (or non-American “football”) was the fourth worst offender after the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, NFL Fantasy football, and the Super Bowl (Monday thereafter), she showed AM co-host Kiran Chetry a voluminous bankers’ analysis of who would win the World Cup. When Kiran asked why bankers were so interested, Christine responded, “Because there’s nothing more global than banking and the people who work at these banks [have] usually worked at a lot of different places around the world: They are golf, uh…no, they are World Cup nuts.”

Trying to give her colleague Christine some cover, Kiran kindly nodded her head and offered, “They’re golfers, too.” However, after Christine’s story had run, her producer was somewhat less sweet. Christine Tweeted, “and there i am on air with @kiranchetry cnn talking world cup and i accidentally call it “golf”. my producer razzing me mercilessly!!”

Golf vis-a-vis soccer? As the author replied to Christine, at least, she lives in the United States where many may have not noticed. However, had she lived in Brazil, she may not have returned to work the next business day. Vive la difference!

*American Morning – 6/11/10 (@8:23 a.m. ET)

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