“Conservative” Carlson: Pro-choice?

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson is Bill O’Reilly’s “Culture Warrior.” But, is she really FNC’s social conservative? Six days ago on the O’Reilly Factor, the 1989 Miss America, Presbyterian (PCUS) Sunday school teacher, and granddaughter of a prominent long-time Evangelical Lutheran pastor refused to divulge her abortion view (even though she revealed that she did believe that same-relations were “morally acceptable” and opined on other issues such as adultery, out-of-wedlock children, and the death penalty). However, today she seemed to flash her “Souter” slip to her F&F viewers.

This morning, when Gretchen introduced a headline news story entitled, “Speaker’s Religious Rant,” she exclaimed, “Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, did you hear her religious rant recently? She said the word ‘Word’ about thirty times in fifteen seconds.”* After the May 6 clip of Pelosi ran, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade jested, “Do we have a bell for the ‘Word’? I thought ‘Grease’ was the word up until now.” After Gretchen bowled over in laughter, her smiling co-host and a proud Catholic, Steve Doocy turned serious. “But, what’s extraordinary about that…it’s great that she feels comfortable talking about her religiousness in public. But…if she’s saying that the ‘Word’ should influence public policy and they should follow the Gospel, well, why is she for abortion? News flash: The Bible does not like abortion.”

Somewhat surprisingly, Gretchen decided to qualify Steve’s assertion: she declared, “At least, Catholicism does not.” Steve replied, “The Bible’s talking about, I’d like to see where it says, the Bible does not like abortion.” Changing the topic, Gretch answered, “But, the more important thing to me in this whole discussion is that this signals that people on the far left can’t say the word “God.” You see, she had to say the “Word,” she was just sort of stumbling like “Word, Word, Word, Word. Why? Because people on the far left don’t want to say the word ‘God’ anymore. It’s a bad word! It’s a bad word out there. That’s what I got from that little rant.” “Hmm,” responded Steve succintly.

Since Gretchen seemed to skirt the issue last week on O’Reilly but appeared to address it more today, the author checked the current teachings of her church‘s denomination for some possible illumination. They are certainly well within the “mainstream denominations” vis-a-vis evangelical ones: According to the PCUS 2003 amended “Statement on Post-Viability and Late-Term Abortion,” abortion after viability should occur only “in the rarest of circumstances” e.g., to save a mother’s life, preserve her health (when seriously at risk), or in case of rape or incest. N.B. Like many church members, Gretchen may not subscribe to the teachings of her church or denomination, esp., in this controversial issue, but they may suggest her general inclinations.

Perhaps, Gretchen is wading into the abortion debate. Whether she reveals her position fully is her choice. Until then, her audience may now have an educated guess.

*Fox & Friends – 06/03/10 (@7:10 a.m. ET)

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5 Responses to ““Conservative” Carlson: Pro-choice?”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Well, I am a member of the National United Mainline Baptocatedist church (NUMB) and our position on ‘choice’ is as follows:

    Abortion is considered wrong at all times UNLESS:

    1. The mother’s life is in danger;
    2. Rape, incest or ‘undue influence’ was involved;
    3. The mother’s health is in peril;
    4. The mother’s well-being is in danger;
    5. The mother’s financial situation is shaky at best;
    6. The father’s well-being is tenuous;
    7. The fetus is in the third trimester;
    8. The fetus is in the second trimester;
    9. The fetus is in the first trimester and no applicable law is being violated;
    10. The birth would ‘unduly’ inconvenience either party or any close friend or relative of either party;
    ……and also for a host of other reasons which are too numerous to detail at present.

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

  2. Kep Says:

    Pro-life women don’t exist in the news business, unless your name is Lauren Green. Of course, Lauren is now seen very little on Fox and only does reports on religion from time to time. But she did reveal on a Fox News blog a few years ago that she had changed from pro-choice to pro-life. Well, there was the end of her news career. In regards to Carlson, you can tell she’s pro-choice. She’s probably one of those who wouldn’t have an abortion herself, but at the same time wants women to be able to control their bodies. Of course, the baby isn’t a part of their body, it’s a separate person, but I guess they’ve been brainwashed. Who wouldn’t be after listening to the leftist curriculum that fills the college campuses where these news anchors got their degrees?

  3. Grant Says:

    Kep, do you really think she wouldn’t have an abortion herself? Since 73, this country is approaching 60 million abortions. Carlson is 44 years old. A good mathematician could crunch this more accurately, but there are some pretty good odds that she has already had at least one. There are a whole bunch of women (some of them dead now) who have had abortions since 73, and not all of them are on the liberal side of the fence.

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