Christine’s Countdown

21: Romans’ Nebulous Numeral. Is it American Morning biz beauty Christine Romans’ July due date or drink date? I.e., is Christine counting down the days until her third child is born or until she can have that first post-pregnancy potation? Last Friday, TVNewser reported that a gravid Christine Romans’ due date is July 17. However, today Christine seemed to tell co-anchor John Roberts a slightly later date, i.e., July 21.

Before introducing Christine’s segment, John scoffed at Sarah Ferguson’s seemingly contradictory statements about whether she was  drunk (when she agreed to sell access to her former husband Prince Edward). As he turned to Christine, she jested “Also, not drinking.”* Co-host Kiran Chetry chuckled, “She’s dead sober.” Then, eyeing Christine’s baby bump, John queried, “Dead sober. You’ve been dead sober for how many months now?” Looking down at her watch, Christine replied, “I can count down the days actually if you’d like.” John responded, “And, when can you crack your first bottle of [sic]?” Christine answered, “I got seven weeks to the day, John.”

If one does the math or consults a calendar, one will see that “seven weeks to the day” hence is July 21. Clearly, Christine seemed to suggest her baby is due that day. However, if one were to parse her exact reply a la Clinton, one could make the case that July 21 is actually the day that she can have her first adult beverage post pregnancy.

But, is Christine that thirsty? Probably not.

*American Morning – 06/02/10 (6:20 a.m. ET)

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4 Responses to “Christine’s Countdown”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    To quote and then to paraphrase the great Senor Jeff Foxworthy:

    If your top is strapless, but your bra isn’t… then you may be a REDNECK.

    If you routinely get too drunk to fish…..then you may be a…….REDNECK.

    If you’ve carefully researched the specific birthdate of your child, using advanced calculations, moon cycles and medical logorhythms all for the purpose of determining the exact time when you can finally pop open that 20 oz. Budweiser Big Can in your post-op hospital bed….then you…..may….just….be…..a…….RED (you know what!)……

  2. jakeho Says:

    Hgb3, if you “pop a top” post-natal, you might not be.

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