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Domenica: Yawn or Dawn?

May 9, 2010

Or, hopefully, both? Clothed in her hellfire-red dress, short-sleeved and scoop-necked dress, Italian delight Domenica Davis sleepily greeted her Fox & Friends fans today. Subbing for meteorologist Rick Reichmuth (partying in the Hamptons according to DD), Domenica soldiered through her first weather segment. When she then segued to the F&FW co-hosts (Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs), Dave teased, “Poor Domenica was yawning the whole time before we tossed to her. So, Domenica, we will get you some coffee in just a minute.”

Apparently, Dave did get Domenica some much needed java. Later, she perked up in her subsequent segments with some color commentary (on Boston’s weekend sports woes) and with a whit of ribbing of Rick (on his getaway location being cold today). Nevertheless, Double D remained somewhat subdued today.

Perhaps, Domenica was still sore and shy from her “spanking” by FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine. Regardless, she needs to get back in the game, and Shine should tell F&FW producers to give her freer rein. Not to mention–like her male counterpart Rick, Domenica should be allowed on the curvy couch at the end of the show. And, maybe–gasp–like her leggy colleague Aly, she could be shot below the waist on occasion.


Kiran: Tea Party Blooper?

May 3, 2010

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry seems to get stewed when she interviews her Tea Party guests: today was no exception. Looking like Carol Costello discussing Sarah Palin, Kiran had her arms crossed and her mind apparently made up when she and co-anchor John Roberts interviewed Tea Party Patriots leader Jenny Beth Martin, one of Time’s “100 Most Influential” people. As the duo began to question Martin, they looked like the tired trope of good cop/bad cop. Or, perhaps, more aptly, they seemed like two desperate priests trying to exorcise the evil spirit that now possessed Time and, by extension, the entire Time-Warner family, including CNN herself.

Opening the interview, John served up a softball to Martin about the nature of the Tea Party. After she had answered that it was both a political and protest movement with the “three core values” of “fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government,” and free markets, Kiran went in for the kill. After acknowledging the Tea Party’s growing support by the American public (20% in the latest poll), Kiran opined, “Some of them also have radical views, I guess you could say, sometimes when it comes to race and other things. How did that sort of start to seep into what you say is the core of the movement?”

Not accepting Kiran’s bald premise about the heart of the Tea Party, Martin riposted, “Well, in Tea Party Patriots, we have no place for that. If we see somebody who’s doing something racist, we tell them to leave our events.  We’re there for our core values. We want to reclaim our founding principles in this country.”

Giving Kiran a rest, tag-team partner John innocently interposed, “What is that you think, Jenny Beth, that has led so many people to come to the Tea Party movement in such a short period of time?” When he more pointedly added, “I guess we should point out, too, that most of them according to polling are disaffected Republicans, Kiran nodded her agreement.

Then, after Martin had answered John’s question and his follow-ups, Kiran raised the specter of race again. Kiran queried, “At a lot of the rallies and according to a lot of the polling, nearly 80% of people that say they support the Tea Party or go to the rallies [or are actively involved are Caucasian. What would you say to minorities who say, ‘Is there a really a place for me as part of the Tea Party movement?'” (Unfortunately, Kiran failed to disclose the salient fact that 2008 U.S. Census estimates indicate that 80% of Americans are white.)

In response, Martin replied, “Absolutely, there is a place for you. This is about ordinary citizens in America, and we’re reclaiming our founding principles. And those principles are liberty: it effects everyone in this country regardless of race or age.”

Kiran, America  embraced post-racial politics with the election of President Obama. Obviously, our nation should stay on course. Now, we must make certain that that “buried hatchet” remains so.

AM: Fox & Fiends!

May 3, 2010

“Fair use” or abuse? Apparently, Fox News, the devil, did not deserve his  due on CNN’s American Morning today. In particular, AM producers failed to give FNC Fox News Sunday the same accreditation for its snippets that it provided for NBC’s Meet the Press. It was as if that evil name would not easily pass those saintly lips.

During a twice-aired Jim Acosta segment entitled “Oil Slick Blame Game,” AM producers ran snippets of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s appearances on NBC and FNC’s respective Sunday morning news programs (to defend the President’s handling of the BP oil spill). When AM producers showed the Meet the Press (NBC) clip, they clearly identified it as “NBC’s ‘Meet the Press” for seven solid seconds: However, when they ran the Fox News Sunday slice, they put up a the generic chyron “Fox News,” and, they did that merely a split second before it had ended.*

Jamie, you may not understandably like the cable news network that regularly trounces your beloved AM. But still! If you must, please try to be less patent.

* American Morning – 05/03/10 (@6:32 a.m. ET and @8:12 a.m. ET)

Rosenfeld: Doctor Without a Heart?

May 2, 2010

Fox News’ kindly and curmudgeonly cardiologist-in-residence Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld gave a rather awkward “compliment” to his “Sunday Housecall with Dr. Rosenfeld” audience this morning. Before sympathetically discussing the National Institute of Health’s report indicating that Alzheimer’s Disease was not preventable, “America’s Doctor” jested, “I know no one who is watching this program has Alzheimer’s: they’re too smart for that.”* Obviously, Dr. Rosenfeld understands that intelligence is not the issue but that a disease ravaging possibly 5.3 million Americans in its progressive stages (ranging from “no impairment” to “very severe decline”) is.

Assuredly, more than a few of these Alzheimer’s sufferers  were watching this morning when Dr. Rosenfeld made his regrettable remark: undoubtedly, some even had knowledge of their condition. At the very least, they and their loved ones deserve an apology from the self-described “Doctor of the Heart.”

America’s News HQ – 05/02/10 (@10:32 a.m. ET)

Friel Snubs Sivan

May 1, 2010

But, Courtney chats up Lauren’s “date,” Rick Levanthal. In her Fox & Friends Weekend feature report, Courtney Friel covered the pre-Kentucky Derby 2010 Barnstable Brown Party. At those festivities, she ran into her former FNC colleague and Red Eye rival Lauren Sivan. (On Red Eye, Courtney was the sexy star of Ab News and Lauren was the “Dancing Shiva” of Yoga News.)

After interviewing acclaimed actress Diane Lane and several unnamed celebs, Lauren Sivan and her former fiance, FNC correspondent Rick Levanthal, approached her. When they did, Courtney exclaimed,  “It’s Fox’s Rick Levanthal.”* As Rick gave Courtney a kiss on the cheek and his rapt attention, Lauren looked on with a subdued smile. Subsequently, Courtney interviewed Rick without even acknowledging Lauren and then tossed back to the F&FW co-hosts (Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs) without so much as a mention of their former co-worker.


*Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/01/10 (@8:40 a.m. ET)

Clayton & Dave Scorn Sponsor

May 1, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs irreverently mocked their F&FW sponsor Red Lobster yesterday. As to the casual dining restaurant’s current promotional offering, Clayton Tweeted, “If I ever told a woman that I’m going to take her to Red Lobster tonight for their Festival of Shrimp I’d never hear from her again.” Finding his tweak about a Fox News advertiser somewhat surprising, the author replied, “Clayton, b careful. U may have offended a certain F&F demo & isn’t/wasn’t Red Lobster a Beck sponsor? U may want 2 recant. :),” Unrepentant, Clayton responded, “@Jakeho Why would I recant? I speak my mind and “Festival of Shrimp” is hilarious. So is the Snuggie and you didn’t see me pulling punches.”

Since Clayton, apparently, had not noticed the author’s smiling emoticon and thus took the recantation call seriously, the author answered, “@claytonmorris No need to, Clayton: I Tweeted in jest. Just bring “it” tomorrow to F&FW! No, not the shrimp nor the Snuggie but your credo.”

About an hour later, Dave supportively stood by his friend and colleague Clayton. He Tweeted, “I’m in! RT @ClaytonMorris: If I ever told a woman I’m taking her to Red Lobster tonight for Festival of Shrimp I’d never hear from her again.”

As to the erstwhile Doublemen Twins, it is refreshing to see them exhibit some good old F&FW moxie. For the sake of Clayton and Dave, hopefully, Red Lobster’s parent company Darden (“the world’s largest full-service restaurant company”) has a good sense of humor. Furthermore, hopefully, their fans and followers who are less economically advantaged than the co-anchors will not take umbrage at what could be considered to be a slight to their non-upscale dining.

Caveat to Clayton’s lady and Brandi Briggs: If your man offers to take you to Red Lobster’s “Festival of Shrimp,” he may be sending you a message.