Happening Tomorrow?

Happening Now: is FNC’s most boring morning show getting a much needed Jane jolt? Today, co-hosts Jane Skinner and Jon Scott haunted the news room a la Martha MacCallum and Trace Gallagher on FNC’s now defunct Live Desk, the show that formerly followed HN. Perhaps, Fox News’ Bill Shine is finally trying to get his “plain” Jane to be a little less vanilla and to spice up the show a scintilla.

Generally, both Jane and Jon stay behind their desk in a fashion akin to America’s Newsroom co-anchors Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer when one or both of them would similarly so sit in the very early days of AN. Of course, Shine changed the set somewhat when he appeared to have an epiphany that AN’s rating might be enhanced if viewers caught a glimpse of Megyn’s gorgeous gams. Whether he has the same thing in mind now for Jane, time will tell. However, Jane seemed not to be fully compliant today: she sheathed her stems in slacks to elude that errant eye.

Bravo, Bill. You surely need to do something to make Happening Now actually happen soon. Otherwise, you may as well confine HN to Sirius radio.

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2 Responses to “Happening Tomorrow?”

  1. jerziegrl Says:

    AN is a snooze fest. I loved Jane when she was with Shep, but now…..zzzzzzzz.

  2. cristanti Says:

    so glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks skinner is so boring, I cannot stand the way she interviews some people, never smiles, its almost like she just got botox, she moves her lips only , just think she is boring as hell, I have even written fox to please get someone like kimberly guilforth, or someone like megyn, did not like skinner when she would come out and talk to shep, just has no personality.

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