Aly: Coed Streaker?

Sorry, readers! As to Fox & Friends Weekend, I have had to take somewhat of a sabbatical for the last few weeks. Unfortunately, I merely got dribs and drabs of the F&FW shows on May 8th and 9th but I did watch the programs of last weekend (albeit today). Also, happily, I did catch the last part of the program on Sunday the 9th. But, please do not hold me to a verbatim account thereof.

As Sunday’s show drew to an end, F&FW producers aired a video of a shirtless Philly chap “streaking” across the Citizens Bank Park field (a day after another one had taken to the diamond only to be Tasered by a less than sympathetic cop). After the footage had run, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota racily remarked, “That’s not really streaking. If you’re gonna streak, really do it!” Caprinely, colleague Clayton Morris commented, “Like you did in college?” Like a siren, Aly seductively smiled as if Clayton might have serendipitously disclosed a secret past.

If a sexy streaking coed vid of Aly exists, will she share it with her F&FW fans? Perhaps, so: the F&FW’s lovely Venus is not shy. E.g., she did proudly parade her hot ’80’s bikini pic for them with her frisky self-described “business in the front, party in the rear” coif.*

*Fox & Friends – 07/02/08 (@7:38 a.m. ET)

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