Roberts: “The Wife” Kyra

American Morning co-anchor John Roberts finally alerted his audience to his engagement to CNN colleague Kyra Phillips today. Before he promoted Kyra’s upcoming CNN Newsroom (which immediately follows AM), John turned to guest host Christine Romans and casually commented, “Got to give the wife a plug here.”* Not saying a word, Christine simply giggled in response.

According to the author’s knowledge, this is the first time that John has acknowledged the upcoming nuptials of himself and Kyra. Approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago, April 25, TV Newser reported that¬† the two became engaged on a weekend getaway in West Virginia: Kyra accepted John’s proposal after he popped the question on bended knee to his avid amateur golfer gal on the 18th hole of the Greenbrier Resort golf course. Interestingly enough, when John returned to AM the following Tuesday, neither he nor his AM colleagues made mention of his winning the hand of his beloved.

*American Morning – 05/13/10 (@8:56 a.m. ET)

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