Domenica: Yawn or Dawn?

Or, hopefully, both? Clothed in her hellfire-red dress, short-sleeved and scoop-necked dress, Italian delight Domenica Davis sleepily greeted her Fox & Friends fans today. Subbing for meteorologist Rick Reichmuth (partying in the Hamptons according to DD), Domenica soldiered through her first weather segment. When she then segued to the F&FW co-hosts (Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs), Dave teased, “Poor Domenica was yawning the whole time before we tossed to her. So, Domenica, we will get you some coffee in just a minute.”

Apparently, Dave did get Domenica some much needed java. Later, she perked up in her subsequent segments with some color commentary (on Boston’s weekend sports woes) and with a whit of ribbing of Rick (on his getaway location being cold today). Nevertheless, Double D remained somewhat subdued today.

Perhaps, Domenica was still sore and shy from her “spanking” by FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine. Regardless, she needs to get back in the game, and Shine should tell F&FW producers to give her freer rein. Not to mention–like her male counterpart Rick, Domenica should be allowed on the curvy couch at the end of the show. And, maybe–gasp–like her leggy colleague Aly, she could be shot below the waist on occasion.

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