Rosenfeld: Doctor Without a Heart?

Fox News’ kindly and curmudgeonly cardiologist-in-residence Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld gave a rather awkward “compliment” to his “Sunday Housecall with Dr. Rosenfeld” audience this morning. Before sympathetically discussing the National Institute of Health’s report indicating that Alzheimer’s Disease was not preventable, “America’s Doctor” jested, “I know no one who is watching this program has Alzheimer’s: they’re too smart for that.”* Obviously, Dr. Rosenfeld understands that intelligence is not the issue but that a disease ravaging possibly 5.3 million Americans in its progressive stages (ranging from “no impairment” to “very severe decline”) is.

Assuredly, more than a few of these Alzheimer’s sufferers  were watching this morning when Dr. Rosenfeld made his regrettable remark: undoubtedly, some even had knowledge of their condition. At the very least, they and their loved ones deserve an apology from the self-described “Doctor of the Heart.”

America’s News HQ – 05/02/10 (@10:32 a.m. ET)

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3 Responses to “Rosenfeld: Doctor Without a Heart?”

  1. Al Says:

    You’re far too sensitive about others’ statements, jakeho. His quip wasn’t particularly witty but it wasn’t insulting, either. In any case, Dr. Rosenfeld deserves the benefit of doubt. He’s earned it.

  2. hgb3 Says:

    Exactamundo, Jakeho. Besides, the recipients of Dr. Rosenfeld’s barbed wit have probably forgotten his comments anyway……

    Now, if they was ‘idiot savants’, THEN we’d have ourselves a real problem, sure enough….

  3. jakeho Says:

    Al, I agree with you that Dr. Rosenfeld’s remark “wasn’t particularly witty” but I also think that it was offensive (especially to those suffering from Alzheimer’s and their loved ones). Those who look to him for sage advice in his books, Parade magazine, and/or Sunday Housecall with Dr. Rosenfeld deserve better. Of all people, doctors should do no harm: and, that’s not relegated merely to the physical realm.

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