Friel Snubs Sivan

But, Courtney chats up Lauren’s “date,” Rick Levanthal. In her Fox & Friends Weekend feature report, Courtney Friel covered the pre-Kentucky Derby 2010 Barnstable Brown Party. At those festivities, she ran into her former FNC colleague and Red Eye rival Lauren Sivan. (On Red Eye, Courtney was the sexy star of Ab News and Lauren was the “Dancing Shiva” of Yoga News.)

After interviewing acclaimed actress Diane Lane and several unnamed celebs, Lauren Sivan and her former fiance, FNC correspondent Rick Levanthal, approached her. When they did, Courtney exclaimed,  “It’s Fox’s Rick Levanthal.”* As Rick gave Courtney a kiss on the cheek and his rapt attention, Lauren looked on with a subdued smile. Subsequently, Courtney interviewed Rick without even acknowledging Lauren and then tossed back to the F&FW co-hosts (Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs) without so much as a mention of their former co-worker.


*Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/01/10 (@8:40 a.m. ET)

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7 Responses to “Friel Snubs Sivan”

  1. motownman Says:

    It was a taped interview, so we have no way of knowing what was edited out of the finished product. At any rate, it would have been awkward to acknowledge a former co-worker on the air. Courtney and Lauren are friends and I’m sure they found time to chat.

  2. boogiewoogee Says:

    Very weird how Sparty keeps pretending that he personally knows these people and what they’re really like.

    Oh well, we just wanted to show the slob in the ratty sweatshirt that contrary to his delusions, we were never banned from here.

  3. Carl Says:

    I hope someone posts video of this later. I do find it strange that Courtney wouldn’t acknowledge Lauren. It’s not like there was some big messy break-up when Lauren left on her own. NewsCorp didn’t trash her in press releases like they do others who tick them off. It’s not like Lauren is Kiran Chetry or something. In that case, they could have said hows things over at American Morning? Didn’t you all just hit an all time low in the ratings last month?

    Did you catch the interview with Friel showing her closet? Was that the ugliest thing ever? Also, real smart to take one of the bedrooms and turn it into that monstrosity. Also, why does Friel need so many “on air” outfits. How often do they even allow her on air anymore?

  4. motownman Says:

    Courtney posted a picture of her with Lauren at the party on her Facebook page.

  5. WestieLvr Says:

    Can someone please tell me how many times Lauren and Rick have broken off their wedding? I saw on a few times that they called off a 2006 wedding, however I thought they just called off a wedding in 2009. Why did they call it off? Are they still together as of September 18, 2010?

  6. jakeho Says:

    WestieLvr, this pic that Lauren posted on Sept. 1, 2010, of Rick may be instructive. Link:

  7. Longislandgal Says:

    She was cheating in him with a co-worker of hers, I’m not sure whether the had a somewhat open relationship or if Rick had anything going on in his end but it went on for a long time and she did the rite thing by canceling and was openly with the other guy totowardthe end at the company Christmas party in public so it’s odd no one publicly says what happened. She ended up dating that guy for another year after she and Rick canceled the wedding.

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