Clayton & Dave Scorn Sponsor

Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs irreverently mocked their F&FW sponsor Red Lobster yesterday. As to the casual dining restaurant’s current promotional offering, Clayton Tweeted, “If I ever told a woman that I’m going to take her to Red Lobster tonight for their Festival of Shrimp I’d never hear from her again.” Finding his tweak about a Fox News advertiser somewhat surprising, the author replied, “Clayton, b careful. U may have offended a certain F&F demo & isn’t/wasn’t Red Lobster a Beck sponsor? U may want 2 recant. :),” Unrepentant, Clayton responded, “@Jakeho Why would I recant? I speak my mind and “Festival of Shrimp” is hilarious. So is the Snuggie and you didn’t see me pulling punches.”

Since Clayton, apparently, had not noticed the author’s smiling emoticon and thus took the recantation call seriously, the author answered, “@claytonmorris No need to, Clayton: I Tweeted in jest. Just bring “it” tomorrow to F&FW! No, not the shrimp nor the Snuggie but your credo.”

About an hour later, Dave supportively stood by his friend and colleague Clayton. He Tweeted, “I’m in! RT @ClaytonMorris: If I ever told a woman I’m taking her to Red Lobster tonight for Festival of Shrimp I’d never hear from her again.”

As to the erstwhile Doublemen Twins, it is refreshing to see them exhibit some good old F&FW moxie. For the sake of Clayton and Dave, hopefully, Red Lobster’s parent company Darden (“the world’s largest full-service restaurant company”) has a good sense of humor. Furthermore, hopefully, their fans and followers who are less economically advantaged than the co-anchors will not take umbrage at what could be considered to be a slight to their non-upscale dining.

Caveat to Clayton’s lady and Brandi Briggs: If your man offers to take you to Red Lobster’s “Festival of Shrimp,” he may be sending you a message.

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One Response to “Clayton & Dave Scorn Sponsor”

  1. Carl Says:

    I guess Clayton won’t be taking Natalie Del Conte to Red Lobster anytime soon.

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