Nicole: Exhibitionist Angel?

Confessions of Nicole Petallides? Ever since Carpe Diem reported that Nicole heated up the Fox & Friends set by seemingly hiking her skirt twice for her Fox & Friends Weekend fans (October 11, 2009), the Foxy FBN correspondent has appeared to be almost persona non grata on FBN’s big sister network FNC. However, Nicole did make a rare appearance about three months later on Red Eye (January 9, 2010) where she kidded about being an “exhibitionist.”* Also, she returned once to F&FW (March 7, 2010) for a jobs report segment with co-host Dave Briggs: Nevertheless, for almost the entire interview, the producers appeared to studiously keep the chyron up to occlude a view of her legs (a la Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show).**

What has become of this too-hot-for-FNC correspondent? Last Thursday and Friday, the Greek goddess who graces the New York Stock Exchange floor clad in quite conservative attire for FBN’s Countdown to the Closing Bell (CCB) guest-hosted on FBN’s Happy Hour with regular Rebecca Diamond nee Gomez and fill-in Sandra Smith for a special “Ladies’ Night” edition. Venus was reborn.

On Thursday, all three were such a distaff delight with their obvious smarts, informed analyses, and sexy short skirts that Happy Hour producers introduced the trio after one commercial break as “Foxy’s Angels” to the voice of John Forsythe and the theme song and graphics of Charlie’s Angels.*** A flattered Nicole remarked, “Can we see it again? Can we see it again between now and the end of the show? It went so fast!”

Similarly, Nicole’s F&FW admirers must be asking, “When can we see you again?”

*Red Eye – 01/09/10 (@3:04 a.m. ET): In a segment on a study that showed a cocaine vaccine made the addicts crave cocaine more, RE host Greg Gutfeld said, “What kind of behavior would you like to stop if there were a vaccine?” Nicole replied, “If I had a vaccine for myself? Um. Exhibitionist? Then, when Greg goatishly asked, “Really?” Nicole “innocently” answered, “No, no. Chocoholic?” Gutfeld sidekick Bill Shulz rakishly remarked, “Let’s get back to the other one!” Trying to tamp down the testosterone just a tad, Nicole riantly responded, “No, no, no, no. But this vaccine’s unbelievable….”I’m all for sex, drugs, and alcohol, and lots of fun but not ones that put you on your deathbed. Right? Or, make you go broke!”

**Fox & Friends – 03/07/10 (@9:06 a.m. ET)

***Happy Hour – 04/22/10 (@5:22 p.m. ET)

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8 Responses to “Nicole: Exhibitionist Angel?”

  1. mediaho Says:

    Nicole does indeed have beautiful legs.
    However……IMHO the “goddess of gams” among all of the leggy Fox babes is Her Royal Thighness Gretchen Carlson.

    Those sexy skimpy skirts she wears on the curvy couch have made her a cult LEGend and Gretch is “worshiped” on leg fetish websites all over the net.

    BTW, if the F&F producers want to poke fun at “Foxy’s Angels”, I suggest they cue up ZZ Tops musical tribute to “Legs” as the F&F intro music.

    “Gretch got LEGS and she KNOWS how to use them”!!!

  2. Lynn Krill Says:

    Nicole in my opinion is the most attractive lady on cable news today. She’s tall and everything is so well proportioned. I would love to know her body measurements.

    Long flowing hair. A beautiful face. Nice cleavage and those long gorgeous legs and thighs to top it off. Nicole can lift that dress up as many times and as high as she likes. She sure has a body she should be proud of. What a goddess.

  3. horny fan Says:

    i sure love, nicole’s hott life style i wanna have sex with her real badd, but i know shes married. :(

  4. Lynn Krill Says:

    We had a very good streak going there for a while getting to see NIcole periodically with her short skirts making those gorgeous legs and thighs visable for all of us to admire. Since then it has been down hill and we have been deprived of seeing those golden gams of hers.

    They have a public opinion poll where they have a ficticious award called the golden gammy. Nicole didn’t win it but was close. Had I run it she definately would have the award locked up. Without a doubt she has the best looking legs and thighs of any news anchor on cable news today along with being a very beautiful lady or as I call her a Greek Goddess.

    Hopefully in the year ahead we will be able to again see all of that gorgeous body she has been blessed with.

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