Shine Spanks Domenica?

Davis Disappears. After Fox & Friends Weekend weathergal Domenica Davis saucily jested about being paddled by Alisyn Camerota yesterday, was she spanked instead by Bill Shine, FNC’s SVP of Programming today? It certainly seems that she may have been.

With F&FW’s regular meteorologist, Rick Reichmuth, on vacation in Jamaica, Domenica filled in for him yesterday. Before one of her segments Saturday, F&FW ran a story on the resurgence of spanking (in a TX school system): when it concluded, Aly tossed to Domenica, spicily stating, “Let’s go over to Domenica Davis, who we know has been naughty sometimes.” Then, upping the ante, Domenica risquely responded, ““Yes, I have! But, you just smack me across the face usually. It’s no big [deal]. There’s no paddle involved. I wish there was, actually.”

During the show, Carpe Diem published “‘Naughty’ Domenica Wants a Spanking.” In the F&FW weather report that followed that post, co-anchor Clayton Morris seemed to try to impishly engage Domenica in some more bawdy banter: after prom and alcohol stories, Clayton commented, “It was very noble of you to go to the prom last night and then to come to work this morning.” Tellingly, Domenica laughed and responded, “Oh, boy! Let’s go ahead and go to the radar before I get in trouble here.”

Perhaps, it was already too late. Today, Domenica did not return to fill in for Rick. Instead, she disappeared without a trace and without any explanation (from the F&FW co-hosts). Strangely, F&FW producers did not replace her: rather, they simply included no regular weather reports today.

If Domenica is being disciplined by Shine, the punishment seems quite harsh. And, it is certainly not the spanking that Domenica or her F&FW fans had envisioned.

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4 Responses to “Shine Spanks Domenica?”

  1. Al Says:

    I thought Sunday/Monday were her days off. Or maybe that’s Janice Dean I’m thinking of.

  2. U-2 Says:

    Beat me to it; Al. Dominica is usually off most Sunday’s.

  3. hgb3 Says:

    “Fully Tynanworthy….or, a Philomastix Proposal”

    JK, this and your previous posting would have made Kenneth Tynan proud.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Al & U-2, when Rick is on vacation, DD generally fills in for him both Sa. & Su.

    Hgb3, your reference is well made..

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