Kilmeade: “You’re the Anti-Clayton”

Was Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade so accusing Carpe Diem yesterday? (The author was cited by Mediaite Monday for the “backstory” on its apparent scoop of F&F Weekend co-host Clayton Morris’ love life? No, actually, F&F’s double entendre don was directing that declaration toward his co-anchor Gretchen Carlson after she facetiously claimed to “know so much about technology.”* When to Brian’s jest, the conservative former Miss America responded, “No, I would love to be Clayton,” this viewer did wonder if, perhaps, a little subtle F&F damage control had already begun.

As cable news junkies doubtlessly know by now, Monday Mediaite disclosed, “Here’s the tip, and here’s the info we have: Clayton Morris, co-host of Fox & Friends, has an extramarital affair with CNET host, Natali del Conte…rumors circulating that he is the father of pregnant Del Conte. Wife of Clatyon [Sara Batterson Morris] has filed for divorce.” Mediate further reported that sources had indicated that Del Conte was gravid and that her pregnancy had been a matter of discussion at Fox News. The media news blog added that it had “reached out to Del Conte” and Fox News: even though a statement from Del Conte apparently was not forthcoming, a Fox News spokesperson tersely stated, “We don’t comment on the personal lives of talent.”

Carpe Diem has contacted Clayton but he has not made a reply for the record yet. When/if the popular Fox & Friends responds with a statement for his F&F fans and his Twitter followers, the author will fully and fairly report it. Hopefully, he will soon.

[Clayton Morris is also the co-feature of the Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe podcasts.]

* Fox & Friends – 04/13/10 (@6:31 a.m. ET)

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3 Responses to “Kilmeade: “You’re the Anti-Clayton””

  1. EC Says:

    YOW. ZA.

    I listen to both The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe and CNET’s The 404 Podcast and heard Del Conte’s pregnancy announcement a couple of weeks ago. I had not put two and two together there quite yet, but did wonder. It was clear from The Grizz that Clayton is no longer with his wife and this past week he referred to his “lady friend.”

  2. Joshua Says:

    I would love for someone to go through old clips of Fox and Friends and see what Clayton had to say about David Letterman, Tiger Woods and Jesse James’ affairs. Also, the people at FNC have really ripped the mistresses of these guys for hooking up with a married man.

    I thought Natalie seemed like a very sweet girl. I wouldn’t have thought she would hook up with a married man (as she apparently has).

    I’ve never been a fan of Clayton’s. Of course, IMO the whole weekend crew should be dumped. The show hasn’t been worth watching without Paige, Juliet, Kiran.

    I did notice Natalie tweeting alot yesterday but of course she didn’t touch the “story” at all.

  3. CathyG Says:

    Can I add to Joshua’s affairs list John Edwards and Mark Sanford.

    Never have taken to Clayton – guess now I know why

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