Juliet “Oreo” Huddy?

Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy revealed her high school sobriquet on Red Eye early this morning. During RE‘s “Post-Game Wrap-Up,” “TV’s Andy Levy” put up a photo of a young dirty blond Juliet and asked, “Hey, Juliet! What is this?” Chuckling, Juliet joked, “I don’t who that is! Why would you even put that picture up there? Some random chick.”

Andy responded, “Um, hmm. Um, hmm. Tilting her head and playing with her hair, Juliet coyly confessed, “It’s my high school picture–senior picture. Hideous!” Pointing to her lower lip, she continued, “And, yes, I had a mole on my lip. It was taken away. They used to call me ‘Oreo’ ’cause it looked like I ate an Oreo and [some of it stuck there].”

As Andy bowed his head in laughter, RE host Greg Gutfeld, in mock sympathy, guffawed, “That’s terrible!” Looking into the camera, Juliet exclaimed, “Yeah, Muffy, Muffy used to say that about me! Thanks, Muffy!” Then she mouthed, “You b*tch!”

Juliet: Fox News’ favorite cookie. A tasty treat!

Red Eye – 04/14/10 (@4:58 a.m. ET)

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One Response to “Juliet “Oreo” Huddy?”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Two Things Which Need To Be Stated:

    1. At first glance at this post, I feared a return to the animus of racial & sexual politics as regarding the once-heated issue of miscegenation in the context of interracial dating in high school of yesteryear. However, upon reading the article, my fears dissipated as quickly as they arose.

    2. At the very end of the article, I noticed that your spellcheck is malfunctioning or perhaps Homer has nodded, since the “a” is left off a presumed “You betcha!” (And just imagine, I didn’t even know Mrs. Huddy was from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, although she certainly possesses a Germanic and/or Nordic quality to her attractive facial features.)

    But is it quite necessary to ‘asteriskize’ “you betcha?”

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