Kyra: “I Can’t Wait”

If there was any doubt about their relationship as a couple, both John Roberts and Kyra Phillips appeared eager to dispel it this morning. On American Morning, John had April-fooled his co-host Kiran Chetry, CNN biz correspondent Christine Roberts, and an unnamed third person with the claim that President Obama had named him ambassador to Canada (his homeland). As AM ended, John tossed to the anchor of CNN Newsroom, his reported flame Kyra Phillips.

When he did, Kyra facetiously remarked, “John, Congratulations on your new position, ambassador to Canada. That’s amazing!”* Before he could reply, Kiran laughed and added, “We’re so proud of him.” Jesting, John riposted, “I was very surprised by it.” Giggling, Kyra responded, “Kiran and I, especially, wish you the best of luck. Moving right along!”

Not quite ready to do so, John haltingly asked, “Are you, are?” Kyra prompted, “Yes?” John continued, “Are you coming?” Animatedly, Kyra answered, “Of course! I can’t wait to be a first lady!” A rather reddened John and an incredulous Kiran chuckled as that revealing segue ended.

*American Morning – 04/01/10 (@9:00 a.m. ET)

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