Where is Brian, Really?

As Fox & Friends began this morning, guest co-host Peter Johnson, Jr., appeared to let the proverbial cat out of the bag about Brian Kilmeade’s vacation location. After co-anchor Gretchen Carlson announced that Peter would be filling in for Brian, Peter ad libbed, “I think he’s out in Rapid City, South Dakota.” Co-host Steve Doocy replied, “That’s what I hear. He should be having a fun time with his family.”

As the next hour started, apparently, Steve and Peter got the message that they needed to try to put the feline back in. As the intro music ended, Steve stated, “Brian Kilmeade is off today: I think he’s down in, I know he’s down in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with his family.” Immediately, Peter chimed in, “He is!” Seemingly, not in on their ruse, Gretchen exclaimed, “What are you talking about!”

Steve nonchalantly responded, “He’s on vacation” and Peter hastily concurred. Gretchen incredulously declared, “He’s not in Oklahoma City!” When Steve asked where he was, a giggling Gretchen (apparently, then realizing that she should not say) remarked, “I don’t think he’s in Oklahoma City.” Seemingly, to divert the viewers further, Steve stated, “If…anybody knows the whereabouts of Brian Kilmeade, e-mail us. Yes, indeed!”

In the final hour, Steve appeared to try to put the matter finally to rest. As the opening block began, Steve asserted, “Brian is off today: He’s on vacation in Carson City, Nevada.” As he did, Gretchen looked at him in disbelief, smiled, and shook her head no. Peter laughed and wisely did not offer his two cents again.

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