Andy Levy: Y I Quit “Following” Colmes

“Teabagger” rift. Fox News’ forlorn liberal Alan Colmes seemed genuinely miffed at “TV’s Andy Levy” this morning on Red Eye. During the “Post-Game Wrap-Up,” Andy, as if alerted, asked, “Hey, Alan, did you have a question for me?”: The former Hannity & Colmes co-host replied, “Yeah, I wanted to know why you stopped following me on Twitter.” As both RE panelists Bill Shulz and Juliet Huddy in surprise exclaimed, “Oh,” Andy retorted, “Uh, ’cause you think the word ‘teabagger’ is really, really funny. And, I think it’s really, really stupid.”

In response, Alan, stuttering, facetiously asserted, “I didn’t, uh, you know what, I hate to be on, I’m glad that we are on a show that never does stupid jokes.” As guest host F&F’s Brian Kilmeade roared in laughter in the background (as if to lighten the moment), Andy sternly riposted, “It’s not a question of stupid jokes. You know it’s offensive to people, and you keep using it.”

Defensively, Alan answered, “They’re the ones who started using it themselves, not knowing what it meant. They’re the ones who started using that word.” Dismissively, Andy rejoined, “Oh, stop it, Alan. Please. Give me a break!” Having the final word, Andy concluded, “Back to you, Brian!”

Red Eye for the Liberal Guy?

*Red Eye – 03/26/10 (@3:59 a.m. ET)

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8 Responses to “Andy Levy: Y I Quit “Following” Colmes”

  1. Top Posts — Says:

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  2. alice cervantes Says:

    Colmes was great on Megyn Kelly’s show today. He let her know that she was being very bias about the threats against the politicians in Washington. The producers were probably shouting go to the leg shots.

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  4. jerziegrl Says:

    Jakeho…do you know where I can see Kilmeade hosting RE? Had I known I would have DVR’d it. I really want to see that one.

  5. jakeho Says:

    Jerziegrl, I don’t but I hope that you find it.

  6. CW Says:

    Jakeho, I just watched it via

  7. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, CW, for the info.

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