Kyra: “John, You’re Just Faking It!”

Biden: Kyra Phillips remembers her live mike moment?* Before American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry tossed to CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips today, they briefly discussed Joe Biden’s latest gaffe. After a Jeanne Moos report entitled “Yes He Did…Again: V.P. Biden Drops F-bom at health care ceremony,” John jested “Now all Presidential live events will on be a six-second delay.” Subsequently, when he and Kiran segued to Kyra, Kyra, apparently, recalling her own infamous bathroom open-mic incident* commented, “Admit it, you guys: If they kept all our mikes on during the commercial breaks, they’d have plenty of bloopers.”

As John smiled and stayed mute, Kiran answered, “Oh, yes! No argument here.” Kyra replied, “See, Kiran I love how transparent you are.” Then wagging her finger at her reported boyfriend John, Kyra continued, “John, you’re just faking it.” As John (who has had his own “fr**king” and “WTF” AM occasions) simply chuckled and Kiran waited expectantly for his further response in vain, Kyra laughed, “I know. I had to leave it there.”

But, Carpe Diem did not.

*YouTube video (August 29, 2006)

** transcript (August 29, 2006)

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