Perino’s Faux Pas: Brian’s Boner Recalled

Ms. Tracy Lawrence: Oops! Filling in for Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson today, guest co-host Dana Perino introduced herself to viewers with an embarrassing personal anecdote. The former White House Press Secretary related how she started in television journalism as a DJ at a Pueblo, Colorado, country music station. Before introducing her story, she explained that she did not know very much about country music.

Then, Dana revealed the tale of her very first day at KCCY FM 96.9. She stated that as her 2-to-6-am shift started, she was given a Tracy Lawrence tape to play. Dana said, “So, I put it in, pressed ‘play,’ and I introduced it by saying, ‘Here’s Tracy Lawrence with her new song.'” Guffawing, co-anchor Steve Doocy interjected, “What a faux pas! Tracy Lawrence is a man!” Laughing, Dana continued, “Yeah. So, like thirty seconds later, I realized how embarrassing that would be. But, I thought no one would listen at 2 a.m. They did!”

In the final hour, F&F producers “surprised” Dana with an opportunity to make amends with Tracy Lawrence. After a story about an abashed America’s Next Top Model contestant falling twice on the stage, they ran a clip of Dana’s earlier account of her own discomfiting misstep in which she had said that she hoped that Lawrence took no offense. Subsequently, Steve said, “Well, let’s actually ask him. Joining us on the phone right now is country music star, Tracy Lawrence. She joins us right now from Nashville.”

Putting her head in her hands, Dana exclaimed, “Oh! I am so embarrassed!” Good-naturedly, Lawrence said, “Well, you know, this has scarred me for a long time; I need some relief, [and] I need to let this go.” After Dana then asked him if she had been the first to have made that mistake, Lawrence replied, “No, you are not the first ever to make that mistake….But, I do actually forgive you.” Smiling, Dana responded, “Thank you so mu[ch]. You know what? That makes me feel a lot better. I can maybe let this thing go now.” Later, when concluding the call, she exclaimed, “Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. I’ll never forget it.”

However, the fun was not quite over. As the segment concluded, Steve segued to F&F Weekend co-hosts Dave Briggs, Clayton Morris, and Alisyn Camerota. After the toss, Dave declared, “But, Brian, that country music story reminds me of you [and] Trace Atkins. You said, ‘his new album “X”‘: it was called ‘Ten.’ You’ve got your own country music story, Buddy.” Chagrined, Brian replied, “I was a little slow at the Roman numerals. Okay? I apologize, Dave. Thanks!” Chuckling, Clayton added, “Dana, don’t feel so badly now!”

[N.B. Trace Watkins was not nearly as nice to Brian for his boner. Cf. Carpe Diem’s “Trace Adkins: Brian, ‘Such an Idiot.'”]

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4 Responses to “Perino’s Faux Pas: Brian’s Boner Recalled”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    1. Well, Dana Perino can certainly be excused: “Tracy” is mostly used as a female name, and she admittedly was ignorant of country music. For the longest time, I thought that k.d. lang was a “she”. We all make mistakes. It’s easy to do.

    2. As for the “X” situation, Brian Kilmeade (I read the earlier post also) was justly trying not to re-commit the horrific racist mistake that many people made a number of years ago when the caps which had “X” on them were egregiously referred to as “Ten” (Roman numeral).

    Brian flipped his quarter and called it wrong. Tough break.

  2. LT in KY Says:

    hgb3 Says:
    “For the longest time, I thought that k.d. lang was a “she”. We all make mistakes. It’s easy to do.”

    K.D. Lang – She is a very talented singer! HER birth name – Kathryn Dawn Lang.

  3. Tom B. Says:

    You gotta love it. Well, I guess you don’t HAVE to, but still, lots of fun.

  4. Charles Walker Says:

    No matter what he is called, Tracy Lawrence is a Great singer and i keep a CD with all my favorites of his in the player and ready to play at all times. The man is truly a Great talent.

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