Ailes’ “Fun Girls” Return

Not only was Southern belle Ainsley Earhardt back on the curvy couch as a guest host Sunday but also Philly filly Courtney Friel returned surprisingly to her role as a regular. It was Roger Ailes version of the return of Andy Griffith’s “Fun Girls.”

As F&FW began yesterday, co-anchor Dave Briggs, with raised eyebrows for emphasis, warmly welcomed his former F&FW co-host Ainsley, saying, “We are happy to have you here.” Turning her eyes fully toward the sports guy, the South Carolina cutie replied, “Thank you. So good to be back! Thank you.” Subsequently, the ringless, short-skirted lovely seemed to relish her comeback as the cynosure of her former F&FW male colleagues and viewers.

Later, almost mid-show, Dave heralded the return of another F&FW cohort, Courtney Friel (another former Ainsley, Dave, and Clayton Morris F&FW era cast member, i.e., headline newsreader) as a regular. Introducing a Victoria Secret segment, Dave declared, “We want to welcome in a new addition of Fox & Friends Sunday: Each week, we’re going to bring you entertainment stories that matter and that you won’t see anywhere else.” Ainsley added, “Courtney Friel: she is here with the scoop today!” Confirming her new status after her report, Courtney remarked, “I’ll…see you here every Sunday in different places all over on different subjects.

The girls were back in town for a day. Apparently, with Bill Shine’s blessing, Courtney will stick around. As to Ainsley, she certainly seemed like she would not mind doing the same. Of course, Alisyn Camerota might have something to say about that again.

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2 Responses to “Ailes’ “Fun Girls” Return”

  1. Dave Says:

    Looking forward to Courtney’s entertainment segment every Sunday. It’ll be a regular feature from now on, right?

  2. jakeho Says:

    That’s my understanding, Dave.

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