Clayton Claims & Clowns

Legal prostitution, global warming, and a football mitre. As Fox & Friends Weekend fans know, co-host Clayton Morris may sometimes get his facts wrong but he is usually sure to amuse. Today, was no different as Clayton erroneously opined on the legality of prostitution in Las Vegas and humorously Tweeted a Time (yes, a Time) article in support of global warming. Nevertheless, Clayton brought his game when he donned a football papal headdress as he sampled dishes during a food segment.

In the very first F&FW block, after Alisyn Camerota read a story on women being better than men at handling money, she and co-anchors Clayton and Dave Briggs briefly discussed the report. Then, when Dave tossed to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, he remarked, “I agree with this entirely, Rick. What do you think?” In response, the single weatherguy jested, “I don’t know. Maybe, I need to get one of them. Yeah, could you just hire that out, maybe?” Dave laughed, “That’s quite something else. That’s illegal!” Chuckling, Clayton incorrectly added, “Not in Vegas.”  [N.B. Prostitution is legal in Nevada: however it is unlawful in Las Vegas itself.]

Later, when F&FW had concluded, Clayton Tweeted, “[R]ead from @time:” The Time article was entitled, “Report: The Case for Global Warming Stronger Than Ever.” Clayton seemed to be trying to persuade an increasingly skeptical American public (and his F&FW fans) that is now taking the “climate change” threat much less seriously in the aftermath of Climategate and IPCC global warming guru Phil Jones’ admission (that there has been no statistically significant global warming since 1995). Curiously, Clayton cited the very magazine that had sounded the alarm about a coming ice age in 1974.

Regardless, even when Clayton is wrong or questionable at best, the Philly laddie comes through as the fun, self-effacing entertainer for his fans. E.g., in F&FW’s penultimate segment today, a clowning Clayton happily pulled a silly football mitre (or papal headress) over his eyes so that he could test taste food for salt in a story on a NY legislator who is trying to outlaw the use of salt in restaurants by chefs. No shame but definitely game!

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3 Responses to “Clayton Claims & Clowns”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    I used to just absolutely DETEST Clayton. But, when you put Alisyn between him and Dave, it seemed to get better. Like sitting next to your teacher, I suppose.

    It does seem like Dave and Rick are always trying to one-up Clayton, like my two boys did when they were around a girl. Each one wanted to be perceived as the “smart and handsome one”. Do they not like Clayton or are they afraid of what he might say at any time?

  2. Dave Says:

    I like the humor and the joie de vivre Clayton brings to the show. I agree that there seems to be a friendly fraternal rivalry going on there, but I think it’s more of a playful, jokey thing than anything else. It’s something those of us who have brothers can relate to. Like I’ve said before, the four of them Aly, Clayton, Dave, Rick make a very good moning team. BTW did anyone notice how Dave attacked and the steak on the ATSS? LOL, Have a good week ahead, Jake.

  3. jakeho Says:

    M. Davey, I agree that Aly has made a real difference. After Shine defenestrated Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, & Greg Kelly, he replaced them with a much too callow cast. Happily, he finally enlisted Aly to help right the ship.

    As to the boys, M. Davey, I do think that they probably have that “friendly fraternal rivalry” to which Dave alluded. Re Rick, I think that he just doesn’t brook a lot of foolishness. As to Dave, he seems to desire to get along whereas Clayton appears to prefer a mite more to get ahead.

    Dave and M. Davey, I hope that you both have a great week ahead.

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