A.M.: Another Moos?

In the name of Sarah Palin, Jamie, no more re-heated Moos soup! American Morning EP Jamie Kraft served his audience yet more leftover fare from his Moos menu. “For the second time in three days,* Kraft added a repeat “Moost News in the Morning” to his morning news show. Monday, it was “Ma’am…Is That a Squirrel” (06/30/09 repeat): today, it was “Valet Parkers Gone Wild” (12/17/09 rerun). Mercifully, after the author complained after it first-hour airing today in a Tweet, Kraft appeared to relent and did not repeat the report in the final hour (as is his wont).

Thanks for the reprieve this morning, Jamie. However, in the future, the author suggests more fresh news and less frozen Moos for AM breakfasts. A better way to start the day!

*Third time in 3+ weeks (including February 15, 2010 episode).

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2 Responses to “A.M.: Another Moos?”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Well, the other day on CNN Headline News, I saw an old Jeannie Moos repeat…..from 1982! It was about America’s new obsession with “Pac-Man” and the proliferation of video arcades. The soundtrack was “Billie Jean” by M. Jackson.

    This particular 5 minute segment was not run as a “retro” spot, mind you, either. No sir. In the parlance of todayspeak: IT WAS WHAT IT WAS!

  2. Kep Says:

    Take a look at yesterday’s cable morning news ratings.

    Morning programs (6:00AM-9:00AM) P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    FOX & Friends- 1,126,000 viewers (385,000) (626,000)
    American Morning- 273,000 viewers (83,000) (126,000)
    Morning Joe- 421,000 viewers (113,000) (260,000)
    Squawk Box- 194,000 viewers (74,000) (112,000)
    Morning Express w/ Meade- 341,000 viewers (226,000) (229,000)

    These numbers are even lower than when Soledad and Miles hosted the program. Klein said that Chetry and Roberts were picked for the show because he wanted better ratings. Well, the ratings aren’t better. Does Klein stick with his current team or perhaps try another shakeup? The Moos stuff is annoying. Any morning show is too early to hear that voice. Chetry needs to go out in the field and do more big stories and interviews. She does so little compared to most of the other gals at CNN. Roberts is good but morning tv is not his thing. Put him in primetime. I mean, Roberts is so experienced and knowledgeable, and they’ve got him paired up with this intellectual lightweight. Yes, she’s liberal like him, but she doesn’t have the discipline nor the grasp of material to get others in the business to really take her seriously. She’s window dressing, Klein practically said so on the day he hired her.

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