Kraft’s “AM”burger Helper?

News flash (back): Squirrel in a woman’s cleavage! Once more, American Morning EP Jamie Kraft seems to think that the best way to have the “most news in the morning” is to have repeat “Moos News in the Morning.” If he’s not careful, AM will become “M(old)s News in the Morning.”

Today AM co-anchors John Roberts and Kiran Chetry twice presented the Moos report entitled, “Ma’am…Is that a Squirrel?” The story featured a squirrel that kept popping up from a witness’ bosom as police questioned her. It was an amusing anecdote when it aired last year (06/30/09), and it was again today–slightly. However, one might think that a cable news network that prides itself on the latest and most news would not have to continue to dip into the archives for filler programming for its morning show.

Jamie, please. If you are going to continue to run repeat reports during original AM broadcasts, at least, acknowledge them as such. Otherwise, it militates against the AM motto and message. Not to mention, the cred of your co-hosts.

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