“Bikini-clad”: Clayton’s Passion

Now that Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris’ “bikini-clad wife” Sara is apparently no longer in the picture, Clayton has begun collecting bathing beauty photos anew. Yesterday  meteorologist Rick Reichmuth asked viewers to send spring pics to his Twitter address yesterday (after his 2nd report 1st hour): then, when he segued back to the three F&FW co-hosts, Clayton commented, “I’m Clayton Morris on Twitter. Send me summer pictures!” Laughing, Rick remarked, “Yeah. Okay. You sure can.”

Meanwhile, co-host Dave Briggs, looking at Clayton in bemusement, shrugged his shoulders and seemingly softly stated, “Any, any summer [pic] is okay.” Saucily, Aly interjected, “Preferably bikini-clad. That’s what he’s looking for right now!” Smiling and winking to someone off camera, Clayton concurred, “Exactly! Beach photos!”

Later, in the final hour, Clayton made sure that F&FW viewers did not forget his request. After Rick’s penultimate weather report, Clayton again announced, “So, get your spring pictures to Rick, and, remember, I want summer bikini photos sent to me.” Nodding, Aly naughtily added, “Yes, guys, get those in if you’re in your–thong.”

Then, although not necessarily what Clayton meant, Rick jested, “We’ll take those pictures for you later, Clayton.” In response, Clayton simply chuckled.

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