Kiran: Still a “Steal” 4 Klein?

In a comment to Carpe Diem’s “AM Shake-up Looming?,” one thoughtful reader left little doubt about his opinion. Johnny declared, “People acted like CNN/US prez Jon] Klein really stole one from Fox. Problem is he paid [American Morning co-host] Kiran [Chetry] 3 times what she was making at FNC and CNN got lower ratings with her. In the meantime, Fox & Friends has had record ratings with Gretchen [Carlson].”

The author’s response: Johnny, as to Kiran, I still think Klein did indeed get a “steal.” When Klein hired her, he aptly said, “As for Kiran, we’ve watched her light up the screen for years, and we are thrilled that she was able to join our team. She’s a breath of fresh air.” However, in my view, Klein has not allowed Kiran to fully blossom on AM as she had on Fox & Friends (First and Weekend editions).

After taking Kiran fresh from F&F with its fun, irreverent, and sexy take on the news, Klein put her on AM with its still too staid, strait-laced, and “white-shoe” approach. At CNN, Kiran does continue to “light up the screen” and to serve as a “breath of fresh air” but, she sometimes seems to do so now as simply a nice business colleague. In other words, whereas Kiran formerly would invite viewers into her F&F living room as old friends to inform and entertain them before they went to work, she now brings her audience into her AM office to brief them as associates for the day (with some occasional water cooler humor thrown in for good measure).

In short, Kiran appears captive to Klein’s cool, distant, and business-only approach to the news. Perhaps, Klein should take the blinders off and look at his towering competitor Fox & Friends (which as of March 4, 2010, had more than four times AM’s overall viewers). Perhaps, then he will finally see the virtues of a warmer, less distant, and more personal morning news show. Until he does, the author does not believe that Kiran’s value can be fully realized.

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6 Responses to “Kiran: Still a “Steal” 4 Klein?”

  1. Kep Says:

    Klein has said over and over again that he wants CNN to stick with doing just news and not interjecting opinion into their programming. Now, I think this statement by Klein is sort of laughable, because if you look at the way stories are presented at CNN, along with overall story selection and the way the reporters and anchors frame their presentations, you will see that opinion can be a part of what they are doing as well. Just because reporters and anchors don’t shout out “I’m for this and I’m not for that” doesn’t mean that their biases and views stay out of what they present to their audience.

    Maybe Kiran hasn’t flourished as she had hoped to at CNN, but I believe the network is a great place for her. I think CNN will find a place for her at the network as long as she wants to stay. Kiran never did fit at Fox. Too liberal. Way too liberal.

  2. Fox Fan Says:

    I liked Kiran on FNC more than Gretchen. Haven’t watched her since she moved to CNN. I hope she does well either way.

  3. hgb3 Says:

    I overlooked what Johnny had said in the last posting yessuhday: bring in Savannah Guthrie. Ms. Guthrie would be a welcome addition to the FNC news room and she would be ‘saved’ from MSNBC.

    However, the lovely Ms. Guthrie appears a bit gaunt these days and needs to eat more. Nothing wrong with the old fashioned fleshy and curvy ‘real woman’ look. Nothing wrong at all.

  4. hgb3 Says:

    BTW, J, I’ve updated my site. Spend a few minutes over there.

  5. jakeho Says:

    Kep, CNN (like all of the broadcast and cable news networks) has its point of view: however, it’s certainly gives a fairer take than some.

    Fox Fan, as to Kiran vis-a-vis Gretchen, exactly.

    Hgb3, I checked out your update: enjoyed the read.

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