Dave Covers 4 Clayton

Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris was the happy recipient of some “‘Friend’ spin” from his colleague Dave Briggs today. This morning during a “Health Care Overhaul: Problems for Pelosi?” segment with his co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Dave, Clayton erroneously asserted, “Boy, does she [Speaker Pelosi] have some problems on her hand….Remember, it was along [a] party-line vote before and only two Republicans managed to come across the aisle and actually vote on this before in the House.”*

[Author’s aside: The only Republican in either House of Congress to vote for the Dem health care package was Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao (R-LA).]

After concurring with Clayton that Pelosi would have difficulty garnering the needed voted, Dave provided cover for his chum. He added, “You [Clayton] mentioned the one Republican Joseph Cao that voted for this bill: he says he’s voting no.” An apparently appreciative Clayton responded, “Right.”

Actually, Dave, Clayton mentioned that two Republicans voted for the House health care bill. Perhaps, your holiday south of the border (and absence from Clayton) made your heart grow fonder for the old boy: Ergo, the pass. That’s not necessarily a bad thing altogether.

Still, facts are facts.

*Fox & Friends – 02/28/10 (@7:10 a.m.)

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