School Bus Violence: MacCallum Cheers?

Student fighting: rah, rah, Martha? Today America’s Newsroom co-anchor Martha MacCallum dubiously introduced a story by FNC correspondent Adam Housley about the merits of a Wi-Fi equipped Vail, Arizona, public school bus. After Adam praised the success of the program in not only quieting the horseplay of the students but also in facilitating their doing homework on their laptops, Martha remained unconvinced.

Martha opined, “I bet the kids do like it….[But] socialization is just non-existent now. They communicate with each [sic] other all the time by Internet. So, here’s one opportunity where they’re actually on the bus: they can talk to each other, they can get to know each other, they can, you know, have a fight once in a while [and] have some physical interaction with each other. And, now they’re not going to have it there either.” [Italics added for emphasis.]

Perhaps, Martha had just read an almost two-week-old report by the New York Times on this very topic and decided to offer an ill-conceived opposing view. Martha appeared to hearken back to the apocryphal Rockwellian days of noisy school bus rides where the worst offenses were committed by ear-thumping upper classmen or body-pummelling classmates who were trying to impress the pretty school girls. Today, when a simple “dis” may incite the pulling of a knife, revolver, or worse, Martha (or, in fact, anyone) should be loath to condone school violence of any sort (whether “benign” or not).

*America’s Newsroom (02/23/10) – @9:54 a.m. ET

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One Response to “School Bus Violence: MacCallum Cheers?”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    Hey, just because I’m from Brooklyn doesn’t mean I’ll be tempted to pull a knife, revolver, or even incite a ‘donnybrook’ or a round of fisticuffs at the simple utterance of a ‘dis’ (or ‘dat’) for dat matter.

    As for Ms. McCallum’s comment, I think she was just expressin’ her sentiment dat sometimes a good old fashioned free for all is necessary every once in awhile.

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