W/o Kiran’s Ray, Her Boys Stray

Weathergals unwelcome? Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry and her “chauvinistic” weatherMEN, colleague Rob Marciano and hubby Chris Knowles, took opposing sides on the old battlefield of the sexes. Even though Kiran (aptly meaning “Ray of Light” in Sanskrit) consistently and inclusively cited the “weatherperson” or “meteorologist” today, her benighted boys just could not seem to include their female counterparts on this anachronistically dubbed “National Weatherman Day.”

When introducing AM’s first weather segment with meteorologist Rob Marciano, seemingly, realizing the old-boy designation, guest co-host Christine Romans alluded to “National Weatherman’s Day or Meteorologist’s Day”: as Rob began his report, he merely referred to “this holiday.”However, when he concluded it, Kiran commented, “Happy Meteorologist’s Day. Is that what it is?,” Rob obliqued replied, “Thank you. Close enough.” Then, he smiled and chuckled.

Apparently, AM EP Jamie Kraft sent Kiran the memo posthaste: when segueing to Rob in his second segment, Kiran remarked, “It’s National Weatherperson’s Day.” Christine surely received her copy, too: in the final hour, before tossing to Rob for his report (and atoning for her earlier verbal gaffe?), Christine queried, “What is it? National Weatherperson Day?” Kiran immediately responded, “Yes, it is! It’s National Weatherperson’s Day.” Perhaps, not completely concurring, Rob added, “What better way to celebrate the holiday? As he concluded his weather story, Rob just apparently refused to use the gender neutral name: rather, he referenced “this sacred scientific holiday.”

Unfortunately, Kiran, apparently, did not share her AM memo with hubby Chris Knowles (NY WPIX weekend weatherman) or Chris simply ignored it. While AM was in progress, Chris Tweeted, “@robmarcianoCNN Wxman’s day, yo! Make sure they’re treatin’ you…right.” Apparently, appreciative of his fellow weatherMAN’s support and “shout-out,” Rob reTweeted, “[F]ollow my NY wxpal CK also @kiranchetry husband! RT @chrisknowles11: @robmarcianoCNN Wxman’s day, yo!”

In this age of female ascendancy, perchance, a measure of machismo blowback is inevitable. Nevertheless, a game of boys versus girls seems somewhat passe. Unless, it’s the proverbial “kiss chase.”

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3 Responses to “W/o Kiran’s Ray, Her Boys Stray”

  1. Kep Says:

    Political correctness is so stupid. Don’t these nitwit libs realize that the word “man” appears in “woman”? Man encompasses both male and female.

    Hey, what do you think the chances are that Kiran is going to try to get one of the CNN meteorologists canned so that hubby Chris can have the spot? Yeah, I know this method didn’t work out too well for her at Fox, but I guess it never hurts to try!!

  2. Al Says:

    During the ’80s and ’90s there was a resurgence in America to honour the Old custom of having all multi-gender labels referred to in the masculine. This manifested in Hollywood, for example, in the various Star Trek series and motion pictures in which any female officer was referred to by her superiors as “Sir” (in the immediacy of battle situations, having a single title for superiors of both sexes holds several advantages). Another motion picture whose name escapes me right now, a female POTUS was addressed as, “Mr. President” simply because doing so summoned a higher sense of equality.

    There’s nothing wrong with granting a woman her femininity in our language, but there’s also nothing wrong with using the long-standing masculine form of common titles. As humans, the titles “chairman” or “Mr. President” instinctively evoke a stronger sense of authority than the feminine labels of “chairwoman” or “Madame President.”

    And as Kep eludes to, the constant drumbeat toward political correctness in our speech inflicts real damage to our long-term abilities to engaging in productive discourse.

  3. Al Says:

    Multi-gender? I wrote that? Eh, you know what I meant.

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