“Wallace vs. Kilmeade” Again?

Or, “Wager Weasel” agrees to “Captain Underpants” new challenge? Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday anchor, received a somewhat strange intro as he promoted his show on Fox & Friends today. As the segment began, F&F aired a David Letterman’s Late Show “Word of the Week”: When the montage of news persons saying “underpants” ended, co-anchor Steve Doocy jested, “And, there’s Captain Underpants now. Good morning to you, Chris Wallace.”

Seemingly, still imbued with the holiday spirit (or spirits), Wallace replied, “I just want to say…a belated Happy New Year to all of you….My New Year’s resolution is that I’m going to treat Brian [Kilmeade] better this year.” When co-hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve scoffed and Brian smiled disbelievingly, Wallace declared, “There will be no snide remarks from me. I will treat him with respect. Brian, I don’t think I have before, and I just want to tell you, ‘I, here’s well to you.'” Steve smirked, “Bro? It’s a bromance.”

Then, Gretchen interjected, “Let me try to make you ruin your resolution in five seconds. Brian calls the underwear bomber the crotch bomber.” Wallace deadpanned, “He’s an idiot.” As the F&F co-hosts, including Brian, roared with laughter, all appeared right in the F&F universe again.

After Wallace’s subsequent preview of his show, Steve asked, “Well, before you leave, would you like to say one last thing to Brian and try to turn over that new leaf?” Brian interposed, “Make it simple. Doesn’t have to be lengthy.” Wallace jokingly retorted, “Just stay away from me, Buddy! The restraining order is still in effect: it didn’t end at the end of 2009.” Then in reference to a challenge that he had made last April, Wallace added, “I’m still looking forward to the dunking contest, Brian!”

In response, Brian asserted, “Chris, we will do that dunking contest at a world’s fair, or a hometown fair, at a state fair near you. We’ll pick a state, and we’ll show up.” Wallace answered, “Maryland. Maryland State Fair.” Brian concurred, “Alright.”

Don’t hold your breath, Fox & Friends viewer. Last April 25, Wallace challenged Brian to a county fair dunking duel (in which each of them would get three throws to submerge the other): Brian accepted the terms but with a change in venue to the F&F veranda. The chances of them doing it this year? Perhaps, as great as that of Brian honoring a wager.

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