Censored F&FW’s Funniest Moment

Fox & Friends Weekend producers withheld the uncut version of “Best of F&F 2000: The Funniest Moments” from its viewers this morning. In fact, after the “fit-for-tv” footage ran, co-host Clayton Morris declared, “Rick’s favorite moment was cut out of it which was the “Hug a Newsman Day.” (Carpe Diem readers may remember it as “Grope an Anchor Day.”)

When Clayton elaborated, “Across the street, I randomly went up to a guy,” co-anchor Alisyn Camerota interjected, “I remember it well!” Continuing Clayton’s tale, co-host Dave Briggs, cupping his hand as if under Clayton’s rear, declared, “And, he got a nice firm grab.” Rick added, “Yeah. Somebody got a double feel of your [Clayton’s] behind.” Clayton further clarified, “[A] random vagrant on the street.” Then feigning sympathy, Aly added, You tried to hug him to be nice and he copped a feel!”

As an aside to the F&F audience, Clayton cheerfully commented, “If you do a search on YouTube for that moment, you’ll actually find that.” (Courtesy of J$P, the reader can link here for the video.)


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