Aly: Twit to Tweeter?

Fox and Friends guest co-host Alisyn Camerota appears almost ready to shed her Twitter Twit status at last. After, basically, ignoring the Tweets of her followers for approximately four months (since September 4), she finally reached out just a bit today. No, she did not respond to her Tweeps directly but she, at least, sent out a link–her first–to a Celebrity Parents Magazine article featuring her. She Tweeted, “U might find this fun (funny?)”

Fun? Of course, if one is an Aly acolyte, s/he appreciates the glossy pics of Aly and her three children (twin daughters, Ale and Cessa, and son Nate) and an interview of Aly about herself, her family, and her work. Funny? No, not the content: However, it is somewhat humorous that Aly waited almost three months to send the October 31st feature to her followers.

As the mother of toddlers can appreciate, one baby step at a time. Bravo, Aly!

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One Response to “Aly: Twit to Tweeter?”

  1. Camerota: Considers Ending Blog « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] and corresponding to readers on her blog, she has begun to take Twitter more seriously. The whilom Twitter Twit has finally begun to Tweet more often on her page and to reply more regularly to her followers. […]

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