Courtney Opines: Brian Smiles

As Fox & Friends opened with guest co-host Courtney Friel on the curvy couch, co-anchor Steve Doocy stated, “Ho, Ho, Ho, everybody, and welcome! It’s Christmas Eve. And, look who Santa left under our tree today.” After warmly greeting the former F&F Weekend headline news reader, Brian said, “This is going to be a show like no other!” In response, the former Maxim model declared, “I’ll track Santa: you track the healthcare debate.” Guffawing loudly, Brian replied, “Okay, fine. Let me write that down. I don’t want to go into your lane.”

Unfortunately, for Brian, that was not the problem: I.e., Courtney swerved into his lane. After Brian and Steve discussed the Obamacare bill in depth, Courtney glanced down at her papers and read the major differences between the House & Senate bills. Then looking at Brian, she opined, “Man, it’s a lot of money: a lot of people don’t want to be told what to do.” Appearing amused at her shallow assessment, Brian declined to meet her gaze but stared straight ahead instead, smiled slightly, and deadpanned, “Right.”

Courtney, it may be time to track Santa now.

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7 Responses to “Courtney Opines: Brian Smiles”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    Have we not given Courtney enough rope yet to hang herself? She is just terrible. Is she a relative of someone? Please stop this. She is pretty and seems sweet, but cannot do news. She’s not all that great on the movie stuff either, I’ve determined. She needs to get another job.
    Can she do the weather? No, just forget I said that.

  2. jerziegrl Says:

    Well I missed that this morning, but your re-cap made me laugh. They should have just left it alone with Brian and Steve. That would have been better.

  3. Brutus Says:

    Ms. Friel is indeed a ditz.
    F&FW is a silly morning “fluff” show.
    She’s eye candy to expand your p***k, not your mind.

  4. jakeho Says:

    M. Davey, FNC hasn’t heard your pleas yet: 4 days in a row and counting!

    Jerziegrl, glad you got a good laugh. W/o Ms. Friel, it might have been better but likely less humorous.

  5. Diane Says:

    Dopey Brutus thinks Fox is a fluff show. I guess it hurts to hear the truth. Mainstream media can protect him if he’d rather watch them. Katie Couric lost her looks many years ago and she is a ditz so I guess Courtney will do just fine. How’s Popeye.

  6. M. Davey Says:

    I just went to the entertainment section to see what was up and it just happened to go to “Lips and Ears”! Geez! What the heck is up there?
    Courtney is still her “Ms. Malaprop” self, and then there was that other girl with her mouth drawn up in a little bow, mumbling something. Why in the heck does Courtney CONTINUE to the do the little verbal ups and downs with her voice, like she’s conducting an infomercial. I don’t know where else to get my entertainment news, but you can bet that Lips and Ears will NOT be a choice in the future. I guess there’s plenty other entertainment news on Fox, and certainly the political news is always entertaining.
    Why in God’s name do they NOT see that Courtney is just not up to any job. Surely they’re sending her to classes or speech or something. When I think she might be gone somewhere to school, she crops up co-hosting something and sounds utterly goofy! The girl is so pretty, so why can’t you just take pictures of her and post them around, or let her sit in the background with her mouth shut and just look good?

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