Christine: Romans’ Foc-us

Naughty and nice? American Morning biz beauty Christine Romans had her bacchanalian bent going on today. Before her business segment began, A.M. ran a Conan O’Brien Tonight Show clip where he reported the worst car names of all time, including the Ford Aspire, Subaru Brat, and Ford Probe. When co-host Kiran Chetry subsequently said that the Subaru Brat was “awesome,” Christine remarked, “I got one.”* [And, did she ever.]

Elaborating, Christine commented, “Remember the Ford Focus?” Inquisitively, Kiran replied, “Yeah.” Looking down with a wicked grin, Christine continued, “When, when I went to France, the Ford Focus. Give yourself a French accent. Say Ford Focus and you’ll know why it’s a terrible [name].”

Feigning disdain, co-anchor John Roberts interjected, “Oh, come on! From a sweet girl from Iowa. You’re talking like that this morning?” Undaunted, Christine replied, “I’m just saying. It was funny. Everytime I heard it, I was like, ooh, ooh, ooh [repeatedly in a titter].” To his wayward student, John ordered, “Go stand in the corner!”

Barely chastened, Christine retorted, “I didn’t say it! Ford Focus.” Like a stern Scottish teacher, John lectured, “No. You didn’t need to say it? Did you?” Like a suddenly chastised child, Christine stuttered, “But, I, I, I, I. I should be a night-time comedian.”

After looking at her with a studied reproving stare, John gave her the universal “shame, shame” hand gesture. Responding to Christine’s “aspiration,” Kiran declared, “That’s interesting. You [Christine] should be. Ba-dom, ching.” Looking at Christine again before going to the next topic, Kiran cautioned, “First, Christine zip it over there about the Ford Focus.” Christine beamed broadly with glee.

Roman’s Foc-us! New A.M. segment?

*American Morning – 12/17/09 (@8:18 a.m. ET)

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