Sivan & Spanx

FNC’s overnight anchor Lauren Sivan got a trifle of face time on Fox & Friends Weekend this morning. Unfortunately, for Lauren and her fans, she played second fiddle to her rescue dog, Spanx, in a segment entitled, “A Canine Christmas.” While F&FW co-hosts Alisyn Camerota, Dave Briggs, and Clayton Morris, interviewed Harrison Forbes (radio host of talk show Pet Talk and author of Dog Talk) about potential pup presents, Lauren & Spanx stood by as animate props. (Another lady and her dog did as well.)

When the segment began, Aly introduced Forbes and greeted the dames and their dogs. However, oddly, Aly did not acknowledge Lauren as a colleague: “oddly” since Lauren is mainly seen in the evenings and at night as update reader and somewhat frequent Red Eye guest. (Of course, her male admirers know her also as the Yoga NewsDancing Shiva” on Red Eye.)

However, as the confab concluded, Dave reached over, petted Lauren’s pooch, and declared, “Thanks for coming, Spanx. We appreciate it.” As the camera zoomed in on the adorable white dog with the brown eye patch, Lauren’s visage was lopped from the shot. In fact, even when Lauren revealed that she was getting him the Zoombak GPS dog collar, the cam stayed doggedly fixed on Spanx until the show went to commercial.

FNC’s “one-minute” princess is bound to get more air time sometime soon. Until then, assuredly, the proud “mom” does not mind giving full attention to her Spanx (incidentally, named for the undergarment line, a “girl’s best friend”).

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